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18th February 2013, 20:43
An unexplained jelly-like substance which is said to occur during meteor showers has been found on a wildlife park in Somerset.1:37pm UK, Monday 18 February 2013


A "weird" green slime said in folklore to appear at the same time as meteors hit Earth has been found in a birdlife park in Somerset.

The RSPB has appealed for help in identifying the slime, which is said to be scattered on grass banks close to pools and lakes around Ham Wall Nature Reserve near Glastonbury.

The jelly-like substance could be bacteria, fungus or toad innards, wildlife experts said.

Some believe it could be a substance that has been written about for centuries called star or astral jelly, which is said to appear in the wake of meteor showers.

Its appearance has coincided with a meteor strike in Russia and the harmless fly-by of an asteroid at a record distance from Earth last week.

Steve Hughes, the RSPB site manager at Ham Wall, said: "This past week we've been finding piles of this translucent jelly dotted around the reserve.

"(It is) always on grass banks away from the water's edge. They are usually about 10cm (4in) in diameter.

"We've asked experts what it might be, but as yet no one is really sure. Whatever it is, it's very weird."

MORE HERE (http://news.sky.com/story/1053694/green-space-slime-baffles-nature-experts)

18th February 2013, 23:46
That is really, really odd! But also interesting.

It does appear to give some support to Arthur C. Clark's idea of space born viruses reaching Earth.

19th February 2013, 00:04
Is it parent to those see through bubble-gels found in the desert last month?
Perhaps we are going full disclosure now? I hope so. They can't keep hiding it. It's totally crazy to think they could.

19th February 2013, 00:14
Looks like the Dick Dastardlys will be breaking their necks to come up with another biological warfare weapon that the body may not be able to be cured of. Watch out for the people gathering/handling it. WE need names and corporation heads if they try another HIV population genocide. Focus for the right people to handle it and bring the truth about to the public/world.

Scientist, you owe Americans and citizens around the world, to stop the madness. Stand up for your own soul and disclose, disclose disclose. Send it viral in people popular blog post. In their science sections, drop the link. Arouse enough curiosity from the people, and they will demand it not be used for warfare. WE need to know the composition of these gel substance life forms?

19th February 2013, 00:47
If it is connected to meteors, why would it be in glastonbury?

19th February 2013, 00:55
Is that what they mean by panspermia?

19th February 2013, 04:21
Thanks sigma6--- I couldn't remember the word! Panspermia was what I was talking about.

19th February 2013, 05:09

That this is tied to UVG grid lines. Ley lines. energy lines.

That this is all tied to the expression of voltage, or the electrical charge of atomic structures, quantum structures.

when a meteor or asteroid comes in from the deeper areas of the solar system, it has a different charge level. And that this charge must be dissipated in the earth's atmosphere, as the meteors or asteroids enter the atmosphere. That the difference in charge of the asteroid and the atmosphere, is so high that is is almost a dimensional differential. and the two must equalize. That it is not just the entry and heating due to the earth's atmosphere, but the huge charge differential. this charge differential causes the asteriod to not just disintegrate but to explode.

And that this charge difference can 'activate' ley lines, in the same way that solar events do, the same way that astrological alignments do. The reason the church builds on ley lines as the dimensional energies are higher and the barrier is weak.

Ectoplasm. The slime that was represented in the ghost busters film. This is a known ghostly or dimensional phenomena.

Glastonbury is on a ley line..... as is the nature park. Glastonbury is about 5km from the line, which is basically, right on it. That the line wanders, it is dynamic, not precise and constant. it is a vibrating dimensional barrier that is the edge of a geometric shape superimposed upon the earth. I was born about the same distance from a ley line, during a relatively powerful alignment of planets.

There are multiple geometric shapes, platonic solids (superimposed upon the earth's shape), and the lines follow those patterns. This huge, highly charged vibrational dimensional barrier system, in the forum of multiple frequencies overlaid on each other, which causes there to be all these 'ley lines' in a specific pattern. The direct comparison, geometrically speaking, is cymatics.

The Nature Preserve/park, is located under the latter half of the words 'Somerset, UK' in the first image. (the close up image)

19th February 2013, 06:49
luckily development isn't similar to this at all :)

atleast falling from sky and slime part ...


19th February 2013, 06:58
Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't set off a new plague, disease or virus! ;)

19th February 2013, 07:16
Panspermia is a nice idea but i doubt such a large lump of bio goo would survive entry to the atmosphere without quite a large lump of rock or ice protecting it. As far as i know there haven't been any metorites hit Britain recently. An expanation for star jelly which i like particularly is that it could be the last remains of a species of unknown atmospheric beast. (possibly killed and thrown off course by the russian meteroite shower?) The idea for those who are unfamiliar, is that there exist a cryptid or group of cryptids who live in the hight atmosphere like giant sky jelly fish. There was a great article in the fortean times about them suggesting that alot of ufo sightings and encounters could actually be people witnessing giant bioluminescent sky creatures. It seems plausable to me given how the sky is so much bigger than even the sea with hardly any thus far discovered life forms aside from the bottom feeding birds!