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20th February 2013, 14:00
Most people see drones as a controversial
weapon prowling over foreign battlegrounds.
But as America's military campaigns wind
down, these machines are coming home
and set to change civilian lives forever.

"This is a powerful technology. No amount
of hand-wringing is going to stop it", says
drone expert, Peter Singer. Whether it's a
floating TV station streaming live to the
web, the prying lens of the paparazzi, the
police chasing a criminal or a government
agency spying, small domestic drones are
experiencing an exponential growth.

At the world's largest drone convention in
Las Vegas a salesman tells the crowd, "this
can be used in law enforcement, disaster
relief and industrial applications. It's also
very good at dusting floors. Every home
owner should have one".

And as the technology advances at a
frightening speed, anyone with a few hundred
dollars can buy one over the counter.
These hobby drones can fly for miles and
provide sharp video feedback to the pilot.
"I wouldn't cheat on your wife!", laughs
columnist Charles Krauthammer. But jokes
aside, there are real fears over the "political,
legal and ethical issues that play out with
this", argues Singer.

In 3 years time, an order from the US
congress will see tens of thousands of
drones legally occupy an already crowded
sky, raising numerous questions about basic
safety, terrorism and civil liberty. As
companies rush to cash in on this new billion
dollar industry, experts warn, "we're not
ready for this".

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20th February 2013, 16:16
the first place that cheap highly efficient batteries will go, is in devices like this. The first batteries of ultra high efficiency will be very costly, and not very big. It is then predictable that these new technology batteries will first find their way into these sort of devices.

luckily, this technology is also available to the people on the street. One can then 'follow the drone' around. It's actually possible to build drone interceptors for a few thousand, as the drones are not fast enough to get away.

21st February 2013, 01:25
what will they do if the drones are hacked and kill massive amounts of people and the ptb say to the public , oh it wasn't us, the system was hacked ...We have lived a long time without drones, we don't need them ... it's a route for disaster ...