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20th February 2013, 19:03
Edgar Evans Cayce (1918-2013) (http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/blog.aspx?id=7982&blogid=445)

Edgar Evans Cayce, the youngest son of Edgar and Gertrude Cayce, passed away peacefully on February 15, 2013.

Described as a renaissance man by those who knew him best, he excelled in both academics and sports. He was the Valedictorian of Oceana High School in 1935, and captain of the school’s football team. During World War II, he served his country as a captain in the Army Signal Core.


21st February 2013, 02:57
Wait... no Wilcock? RIP Cacye

21st February 2013, 08:06
From what I've read, this man was a walking miracle.

Would love to have met him.
He came from KY my "home" state lol.