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21st February 2013, 03:00
Alex Collier has recorded a special 90 minute conversation with Jay Perron on 20th February 2013 that will be broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio at 8pm PST.


This is a pre-recorded interview and will be available on YouTube shortly thereafter, and embedded at http://www.alexcollier.org for those who are unable to listen at 8pm.

There will be a chat room at Wolf Spirit Radio as well as Ever Beyond for those who wish to chat about the special conversation with other listeners. Alex Collier will not be in chat during the broadcast.



For more information:


21st February 2013, 03:15
just check mail and about to post this if haven't posted it yet. i dearly love Alex for his underlying message, right now nobody resonate with most than Alex Collier...

Ol' Roy
21st February 2013, 04:45
Sorry, perhas, Alex, needs to go back to his home life. As that is to be an accountant.

Maybe someone would hire him to do taxes, especially at this time of the year!

If he is retireing from this, I respect him tremedously. It's hard to do, take donations and start over. I respect the fact that he he is family first. Please donate if you can, to propel him on his journey!

21st February 2013, 04:48
ALex Collier now live on http://www.wolfspiritradio.com

21st February 2013, 06:15
Alex Collier has recorded a special 90 minute conversation with Jay Perron (http://www.everbeyond.info) on 20th February 2013 that was broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio (http://www.wolfspiritradio.com).


As Alex is still in a bad way regarding being able to provide for his family, if you are able to assist him in any way financially to keep a roof over his head, please do so either via PayPal, link at (http://www.alexcollier.org) or via a money order to his postal address: Alex Collier, P O Box 795, Morrison, CO 80465 USA.

21st February 2013, 08:55
I had no idea things were that bad for him. He has always resonated with me. I hope things will start looking up for him and his family. If you can't afford to donate, please send him loving thoughts and wishes for a big dose of good Karma!

21st February 2013, 15:37
Truth or not, what he portraits here is a very gloom and doom scenario, similar to what Marshall Vian Summers talks about in his message (warnings) from the allies of humanity.

22nd February 2013, 03:18
it was really nice to hear from Alex again. i have heard many of his discourses but one that really stands out is his 1994 interview with Rick Keefe. that was something.

22nd February 2013, 03:24
Well, that broadcast wasn't alarming at all. Yikes. :faint: :boom:

22nd February 2013, 04:18
"we are now forefathers" ...interesting words from Alex. it's time for us to become one being forefathers build a strong foundation for future generation.