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18th September 2010, 18:20
this is the name that a lady on RumorMillNews came up with, a couple of years ago, for something i observed today -- reminding me that i'd wanted to post about it & see if others have noticed this

i was taking a little hike earlier today, enjoying the brilliant blue sky, sunshine, & the leaves showing the hint of autumn colors to come -- i happened to be at a kind of flat marshy area so i had a good view of the sky when i heard the 'rumbler' -- it sounded like some HUGE craft/plane going across the sky , from horizon to horizon -- but totally nothing was visible --i mean nothing-- & now the sky is clouding over w/strange white clouds -- not from chemtrails [i keep an eye on the skies always], but chemtrail -like in the way they are spreading out --

i've observed this before & always 'forget' about it -- these rumblers, wherever i've lived, seem to happen on weekends when the sky is clear & the weather is nice , & lots of people are out enjoying the day w/friends & family -- then something huge & apparently invisible crosses the sky [i've never seen anyone looking up, but that's not surprising -- most humans never look at the sky], & within a couple of hours, there goes the blue sky & sunshine

18th September 2010, 21:05
bumping this up -- surely at least a few of you look up at the sky now & then?

18th September 2010, 21:36

I'll admit, I'm quite the "sky watcher." I've seen some incredible things pass above me in the sky.

As for the "rumblers" you've mentioned, I may be able to relate.

I've been outside, on quite clear days, when I hear what sounds like an incredibly large jet flying above; looking upward only to see nothing. My best guess would be some kind of military aircraft, or maybe an experimental aircraft of some kind; as there have been times where I've heard an incredibly loud jet of some kind, looked up to see nothing, but looked a distance ahead of where the sound should be coming from to see a very fast moving pair of A-10's, or a similar jet aircraft, heading toward the base down by Battle Creek.

Again, this is only my best guess. There are some incredibly loud, and incredibly strange, jet aircraft being tested by certain groups; so who knows all the odd stuff they're flying about in.

Now, chemtrails would be an entirely different story. Those are some God-awful things.

18th September 2010, 22:34
THis is very odd~ I JUST heard something like you described about an hour ago - - then I read this thread!

I was resting and heard what sounded like a jet plane that would crash in the neighborhood. I looked out our second story window and heard the sound keep going into the distance... softer... and then LOUDER like it was returning! This kept up in "waves" ~ closer, then moving away~ very spooky, and my partner heard it too. I actually said :"could this thing be going in circles???"

When I heard the noise at first, I'm pretty sure I saw a plane - like an airliner - speeding by over the trees from the window. But I had been trying to nap so I'm not 100% on that - but the noise, the loudness and the coming back again and again was very real. I will check the news tonight to see if there is an explanation for this. We have had wldfires here and many slurry bombers, but I've never heard them make ANY noise~ certainly not like this.

Nothing amiss in the skies~ it's a clear blue September afternoon, after a wet, misty morning.

Boulder, Colorado, Sept 18, 2010

18th September 2010, 23:10
Yes we get this in the uk also, but only in the last year or so very deep rumbling passing quite low overhead but no object? Also i often hear a very load whiring whistling sound but again nothing there and its getting more frequent over my house?

18th September 2010, 23:47
i heard them when i was living in Boulder also , Lee

how can something that LOUD be invisible to the eye? & all the humans not even aware, not looking up -- i guess our world is so noisy & over-busy

19th September 2010, 00:16
Hi all,
I have been noticing the same loud sounds this past month in our area and nothing visible in the sky. I thought it was a little peculiar but passed it off as a new high flying jet of some sort.

19th September 2010, 07:57
if you stand still & listen , really pay attention, you can hear them going from one horizon to the other -- it sounds like something HUGE passing overhead -- i've been hearing them for 4 or 5 yrs , & have lived several places in the USA -- east, west , & near the Rockies

19th September 2010, 08:33
Could be a cloaking device...you never know...

Or...it so high in altitude and breaking the sound barrier...doing whatever as in 'back n forth' which would suggest a conventional jet engine...

Or...its a dimensional shifting of space moving the sub-atomic structure of matter/gravity/energy...

Or its just some freaky rumbling sound with no object in sight...which brings us back to where we started...:confused:



19th September 2010, 09:28
Yes we get this in the uk also, but only in the last year or so very deep rumbling passing quite low overhead but no object? Also i often hear a very load whiring whistling sound but again nothing there and its getting more frequent over my house?

yes we do, have heard this many times, not a cloud in the sky nore any jet planes........does sound like something cloaked doesnt it ross?
odd because the times i have seen other craft in the skies they have been silent or very low level hum

20th September 2010, 02:00
I have heard it a few times too, but always have been "too busy with something" to check it out...

maybe it is a HAARP beam (that would account for the invisibility)??

20th September 2010, 02:57
Unfortunately I live not too far from a major airport. But I can tell you the cloud formations lately have been strange and do not seem normal. Layers, sometimes 3, of different cloud formations. I will try to be more cognizant of the noise though and check to see if there's actually a plane.

20th September 2010, 03:49
I have 3 different sized pair of binoculars by the door, and one in the car, and a set of Night Vision goggles.

I've had the photos I've taken on "filer's files" before. I've seen chemtrail sprayers, the dumbbell type, fairly closely. Ie, a few thousand feet up -and those suckers are huge.

20th September 2010, 04:12
I've had the photos I've taken on "filer's files" before. I've seen chemtrail sprayers, the dumbbell type, fairly closely. Ie, a few thousand feet up -and those suckers are huge.

Could you elaborate on this? I've heard something similar from several people describing odd chemtrail planes, sprayers, etc...

I've had quite a few personal experiences with the "chemtrail issue," so I wouldn't mind sharing a few of my stories on the forum in return.


20th September 2010, 04:14
Source: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2008/12/07/thunder-in-a-cloudless-sky/

Thunder in a cloudless sky
[snip] "He writes too about the Indians who heard the thunder in the clear sky, and have gone back to where the shattered jet lies, to tend to the rupture between this world, and the parallel world of their beliefs, populated by the confused and abandoned souls of the suddenly dead."

Anvil Lightning- Often called a 'bolt from the blue' because it occurs in seemingly cloudless skies, a cloud-to-ground discharge reaching from the top of a thunderstorm and arcing away from the main cloud and striking the ground under sometimes clear skies. It is dangerous because it fools people into thinking the lightning danger is gone because the storm is not overhead.
Thunder- The sound waves produced by the explosive heating of the air in the lightning channel during a return stroke. It originates as shock waves close to the channel, and moves radially away from the channel. Thunder changes in pitch with varying distances from the channel. The closer one is to the lightning flash, the more high-pitched and 'crackle-sounding' the thunder. The further away, the more low-pitched and 'boom-rumble' sounding it is.

20th September 2010, 04:17
correct indeed Horizon...it may be that simple

20th September 2010, 05:26
I think there are aircraft that travel from horizon to horizon so fast that they are gone by the time the sound reaches the ear. So when you look up their is nothing to see. Just a loud rumble is all their is.
At this time for me tho i'm hearing rumbles all the time but its always followed by the ground shakin. Damn after shocks freakin me out. Lol

20th September 2010, 07:49
Yes, Im hearing you studeo, sister in CHCH and rumblin all the time, but its not in the sky...hope your getting some normality.