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18th September 2010, 18:28
While searching though my files this morning, I happened to come across a quite interesting essay I had written back in grade school. It's quite short, so I'll type it in it's entirety on this thread.

I just don't understand baseball.

Going to a baseball game is always fun, but I never know what's going on. All the running and stealing bases, it makes no sense. Why do I enjoy going to a place I don't understand?

Maybe it's not the game I enjoy, but rather the confusion and trying to make sense of everything happening on the field that I enjoy.

Sometimes it's better just to watch things happen. Maybe if I knew the rules of baseball and actually paid attention to batting averages, I'd lose interest in going to the games.

I think it's the confusion and the mystery of life that makes it special. Life, to me, is a lot like a baseball game. It's a big confusing display of people running around, trading places, and before you know what's going on, it's over, and there's fireworks in the sky.

Even today as I sit in my office, at my desk, typing on this forum; I'm continually amazed at the immense complexity, yet simple beauty of the world I'm currently experiencing. There will always that innate sense of wonder and awe deep within each of our spirits, no matter what stages we go through.

No matter what "timeline" we believe ourselves to taking, the next few decades should be most interesting, and will certainly need to be viewed through a glass of "wonderment and awe." I feel, or strongly hope at best, that on the other end of this big, confusing, yet immensely intriguing journey; that there will be fireworks in the sky, just like after the baseball games I remember as a child.

18th September 2010, 20:05
You are a romantic. Well said!!

18th September 2010, 23:52
You are a romantic. Well said!!

Thank you, I do what I can.

I'll have to transcribe a few more of my musings back from grade school, they certainly make me laugh. Even as a kid, I was quite opinionated :p