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26th February 2013, 01:47
Why don't they just start calling it fascism? Perpetual war and the union of the government and the corporations for "the greater good". I am sure this is about a lot more than just copyright.

Six Strikes is here.

Beginning today, AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have all agreed to start spying on their users.

That's right. The US's largest Internet Service Providers are implementing a new "online infringement" plan to identify and punish, with virtually no due process, users suspected of downloading copyrighted content.

Click here to tell the ISPs: no cyber-snooping, no punitive new copyright rules.

After a year of back room dealing with the MPAA and RIAA, the nation's top ISPs have agreed to use the so-called "Copyright Alert System" (or "Six Strikes") to go after customers suspected of file-sharing

Following a series of escalating warnings, the plan would allow ISPs to slow down, or "throttle," the Internet connection of suspected copyright violators.

And if you want to contest the accusation? That will cost you $35.

Click here to put the ISPs on notice: stop overly punitive infringement policies or we'll take our business elsewhere.

The new plan would jeopardize open and public WIFI networks, and lead to widespread wrongful accusations for those who share a network at home, in a WIFI hot spot, or in the workplace.

Six Strikes is designed to safeguard the profits of America's wealthiest industries by tracking, targeting, and punishing internet users. Click here to oppose Six Strikes.


Demand Progress

26th February 2013, 08:29
Let them do this, I'll sign up to a competitor's internet plan in my "new name" and absolutely won't pay the old provider (in my old-false name).

26th February 2013, 12:41
It's already done. I do not know of a competitor that is not on this list though. Maybe this guide will help someone.


26th February 2013, 13:23
I am sure my view is unpopular here, but if I were a music artist for example, I would hope that I get compensated for producing products desired by others.

It is obvious the honor system is all but a dream relative to operations on Earth in 2013.