View Full Version : Is YOU TUBE DOWN OR IS IT JUST ME ?

19th September 2010, 07:34
Hi Guys,
Something strange is going on. I was watching David Icke's latest video on youtube around midnight gmt. In this video David talks to Bill Maloney about ritual child abuse by the Illuminati and names George Bush Sr. and former British Prime Minister Heath as serial sexual child abusers and murderers. I commented on this video along with many others.

Well, I have not been able to get into youtube since. Whats going on ? Have I been banned or is youtube down?

Even on David Icke's web site the portion where the video was is now blank.


19th September 2010, 07:42
Just clicked on your link Yiolas. the video appears for me . Runs, too.
Then, I clicked on the vid screen so a new page opens taking you to the same video at EewToob's site, and it worked fine there, too.

Perhaps you have a "cookie issue"? That is something you can remedy by clearing cookies on your browser, and trying again.

Perhaps Bush Sr, doesn't like comments on footage about him?

I dunno. Good luck,

19th September 2010, 08:45

it seems to be working fine for me.

I have had problems on and off with the youtube service however. As of late, it seems to be taking a while for videos to load and play, always seem to be buffering. My speed is 38 mbps last I checked it two days ago, so cannot be that.

Hope you get it resolved ASAP!

Be Safe


19th September 2010, 08:49
Thanks Fred !
I had already cleared my cookies, but upon further investigation I found that my internet security settings had been changed as well. After readjusting those I am able to get into youtube.

I believe that my computer got a warning from you know who.

Malcolm Linus
19th September 2010, 10:19
Bad method to discourage viewing then, as now I will watch the video too ;)

19th September 2010, 21:48
Just be mindful of what you write in the comments !!