View Full Version : Anti gun people can NOT defeat this video

27th February 2013, 21:23
This would be the other side of the gun story.


We don't see this in the news!

I'm absolutely not for killing that is clear.

28th February 2013, 00:35
"challenge him to a boxing match and show up with a simi auto and pop him with it" "hahahaha" from Piers. Is that the justification, the thinking these programed morons use.

Oh its the video games. what did Noble prize winning statesmen Kissinger say, that our boys have been trained on first person shooters for their war. First person shooters are boring what happen to all the other genres, the producers had an agenda and fun wasn't it, it was training the youth.

Stop the violence by ending the wars. End the occupations. End the empire and its grip on food, info, propaganda and "UN" control.

I would like to see that Piers in a boxing ring in tx let him bring his simi auto. Ship him back across the pond like the rest of the pro king/queen freedom hating tools were at the end of the revolution and all the other Zionist and brit banking tools. if we have a problem with immigration its with tools like that bent on destroying freedom what did G.W say they hate our freedoms well there ya go they hate our freedoms-must be terrorists.

Earth Angel
28th February 2013, 00:37
wow, that Piers Morgan is a real a$$hole.......when his facts don't stand up to the argument, he just insults his guest.....very good video

1st March 2013, 04:47
It will be interesting to see the final outcome.

Will the 2nd amendment be respected or new ground will be played for the US.

What will happen. Will policy control or will the citizens take position on this subject.