View Full Version : "Mind Melds" Move From Science Fiction To Science In Rats

Hip Hipnotist
28th February 2013, 17:43
All any thinking ( human ) brain needs to ascertain about this experiment is that it was funded by DARPA. ( Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency )


Hmmm. I have a sudden urge for cheese -- then to kill something. ;-(

28th February 2013, 18:16
I am very scared of CERN's Blue Brain project,

is it connected to the DARPA one?

Both use rat neurons apparently?

so scary!!!

reminds me of IT from "A Wrinkle in Time"... or Kriegaffe from Hellboy.


28th February 2013, 18:22
Mind melding in the psychic sense tends to only cover or work at the senses level.

This is due to the mechanisms in us for all our body parts being very very similar. Our basic autonomous systems are marginally standardized, through all human bodies.

It is the unique occupant and how they have managed to grow, or shape their personal wiring, over time, that is a largely impossible overlay.

That one could meld with a person but one could not be them, or read them, on the specific thought or 'high intellect' level.


This is not from a book. This is knowledge gained from personal experience. direct, not two or three experiences, but many. Manifold. Anecdotal, yes.

But ....you can be taught how.

A taste of what it is all about can be found here. I suggest this as it is pee yourself funny, but entirely true. I cannot 'prove' it is true, but my experiences say that there is nothing in there that is outside of my expectations and my experiences.