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28th February 2013, 17:53
This article, by Catherine Austin Fitts, is 10 years old and just as valid today as it was when it was written. I'm not sure where the reference on this forum, to --"we have their mind," came from but this could be a companion piece to that theory.

I think the difference between having 'their mind,' and having 'their appetites' is more than a semantic technicality. The value of framing things in terms of appetite instead of mind is very important to appreciate the actual 'taste' of what is going on.

If a fundamentalist mind set (be it conspiratorial, Christian or purely personality based) regarding mind control--who is and who isn't-- becomes too entrenched in the culture, or smaller groups, chaos can ensue. Those among us who have been targeted, scapegoated, along these lines will have a visceral understanding of the process.

A Tapeworm's Triumph

The other day, a natural healing practitioner explained the strategy used by a tapeworm to prosper. A tapeworm, she said, injected a chemical into its host that triggered a craving by the host for what the tapeworm wished for its dinner. By managing it's hosts desire, a tapeworm manipulated its host to set aside self-interest and please its parasite. And so the tapeworm proceeded to consume its host's energy and health, with the host doing most of the work.

The story of how a tapeworm parasitically eats away at its ecosystem came at a moment when the math lover in me was having an adverse reaction to the description of America as the new Roman Empire that seems to be inspired by the recent occupation of Iraq. The investment economics of American imperial conquest work more along the lines of the tapeworm than of the Romans.

If my rudimentary understanding of the rise and fall of ancient empires is useful, the Roman Empire brought an advancement of science, infrastructure, technology and material progress to many of the poorer lands that it conquered. In essence, Rome's territory grew in part from its ability to increase the `return on investment" of many of the places it conquered.

While those who believe in self-determination may not approve of the Romans right to do so, or their methods, those of us who appreciate roads, bridges and infrastructure understand the positive investment yields that the introduction of intellectual capital to a place can generate. From one point of view, Rome financed its conquests not just by ransacking them -- but by making places smarter in the material sense.

The tapeworm -- a parasite that over time eats its host -- can more accurately describe the demonic patterns of stripping places of intellectual capital that come with American imperial conquest. The "dumbing down" so often complained about within America's borders is a phenomenon that our military appears to be implementing globally. We seem intent on removing spiritual power and intellectual IQ as we depopulate globally, moving out the honest and competent and putting the corrupt and bureaucratic in charge.


28th February 2013, 18:18
Catherine Fitts is one of the most remarkable humans out there.

She has plunged down the rabbit hole ... held her breath ... and come back fighting.

Smart ... classy ... and totally honest soul.

Not going to link examples ... don't be lazy peeps ... if you are not aware then plug in her name into a search engine (google is not necessarily your friend in this case) and learn for yourselves.

She has a number of great interviews (several on coast to coast am radio)

2nd March 2013, 00:50
Here's a good video about the fiscal doup d'etat. The visuals aren't that great but the substance is fantastic:


2nd March 2013, 14:16
Catherine Austin Fitts is one of my personal heroes. She was part of the elite, then fought the good fight against corrupt, entrenched powers and ultimately had to go low key by moving to a self sustaining farm.

None of this was because she is incorrect but because she is ahead of the times. She has brilliant ideas and insights but unfortunately our society isn't ready yet for her wisdom. I wish her well and highly recommend viewing some of her videos.

2nd March 2013, 18:45
Catherine Austin Fitts is so level headed, compassionate and caring, she may as well be the second coming. If she's not, then she's created a great template. As the assistant director of Housing and Urban development under George Bush senior, she understands both what money actually is and how it works in power politics. She can explain the ins and outs of the corporatocracy and the hollowing out of the industrial and manufacturing base of the U.S. in an authoritative way.

She is trying, as many are globally to kick start communitarianism. Buy locally, starve large corporations. I like her take on gun ownership, too. She lives in a small town in the Southern states where there is a lot of drug and gang activity. As she lives alone, she is honest enough to admit that anyone who attempts a home invasion is pretty much going to eat lead! LOL...this cracks me up. She is a very gentle spiritual individual, but when push comes to shove...she's going to do what it takes to protect herself and makes no bones about it.

2nd March 2013, 19:35
Like others before me, I am a great admirer of Catherine Austin Fitts too and 'the tapeworm' is an excellent analogy. If you want to follow her more recent postings she writes the Solari Report Blog: http://solari.com/blog/

2nd March 2013, 21:11
The rise of the modern military, modern capitalism and modern politics means...that when America arose and came to be, that the opportunity to have a new Rome... was going to be real.

and in that act of coming to formation, an opportunity to enact a hidden control or tapeworm/parasite scenario was there. It only had to be tackled. Ruthlessly. and so it was.

The vehicle was there, running it was an ongoing action a forgone act and conclusion.

If you were to win the lottery..overnight...the parasites, the con men would be at your door.

The same applies to countries, in the shape of groups which desire to remain hidden. Hidden parasites. Much of my time on this forum is all about illustrating that this truly exists and exists on multiple levels.

3rd March 2013, 01:44
I'd like to know more about what you have discovered about parasitism, Carmody.