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28th March 2010, 13:49
Last night I was with some people in a house, we had all the lights off and were watching some nazis walking along the street. They came to our door and knocked but we pretended not to be in. Then the female nazi vampire opened the door so I rushed to try and block her from coming in the room but she sank her teeth into my shoulder/neck. :scared:
This as you can imagine was quite painful which I actually felt and it woke me up. I then found myself in my bed with my hand over the place she had bitten me and my heart racing.
I surrounded myself with light and put a amethyst crystal on the place she bit me and went back to sleep. :sleep:
It felt so real that when I got up this morning I had to have a look to see if there was a mark.
It was a very vivid dream and not one I would like to see again
Any ideas what it means???

Oh yea when I looked at the clock it was 1.32 which changed to 1.33

28th March 2010, 13:57
ummmmm does it mean you should eat more garlic? or hang some around your neck?
love m x

28th March 2010, 14:00
................................. :p

28th March 2010, 14:02
maybe bed bugs????? :behindsofa:

28th March 2010, 14:10
No bugs in my bed :spider:
Just me :grouphug:

28th March 2010, 14:22
negetive energies sucking away your energy including worry and anxiety. Also need to balance your female energies - maybe you need do to some flower arranging!! :laugh:

anyway you already know what I think!

Ps continuously use protection! It does work.

28th March 2010, 15:11
Hi Swanny, it is good to do some protection before going to bed this days, just align with the energies that you believe on and ask that you body is protected while you sleep. I used to be attacked by all sorts of things, from men in black to ikkey things but not anymore, I always do techniques before going to bed and sleep very well!


28th March 2010, 15:25
BTW where does the nazi thing coming in?

28th March 2010, 16:25
Who or what in your life is sucking you dry?

I had a dream when a child that I was walking up a mountain and there was a giant nazi coming towards me. I knew it would kill me if it thought I was an enemy so I pretended I was german and started talking in german as it walked by and it didn't notice me. Phew!

Jacqui D
28th March 2010, 16:26
Definitely an energy attack swanny:eek:I would agree and put protection around you always it doesn't have to take long, if you are not sure how to do this place a golden sphere around you your family and home the golden light is the most strongest force i have found, make this a must before sleeping.
The nazi connection well i think you probably know why this!
They keep trying don't they.

28th March 2010, 17:14
Was the wierdest thing feeling pain in a dream, don't remember that ever happening before.

BTW where does the nazi thing coming in?

No idea. They were wearing black SS uniforms.

I have been Feng Shuing my house lately to let Chi flow.

Thanks for the advice about the golden protection I will try that from now on.

MargueriteBee I have no idea who could be attacking me, I live alone so it's no one physically near me.

Apparently those chunks missing from my aura are attacks :(

28th March 2010, 18:10
I wonder if the Nazi Zombies in my dreams are hanging with the Nazi Vampires in yours. I always end up getting cornered and have to fight my way back to the safe house alone. I end up getting back just in time to see the people I was with turned into Zombies and right before I am attacked by them I wake up every time.

28th March 2010, 18:28
You could also try the Maharic Shield if you feel inclined to, it really works and will help heal your aura


28th March 2010, 18:41
Sending Light & Love Swanny..............


28th March 2010, 18:55
Thanks Samarkis :)
Thanks Star I'll have a look at that :)

28th March 2010, 19:47
I get the impression that you might have a deep seated fear that the NWO will come, or is, knocking on the door of your subconscious and even though you do not respond to its tactics it will still try and kick its way in if need be to try and drain your life blood from you - if it can. If so you must deal with this deep seated fear.


29th March 2010, 08:37
No fear here. I my dream I was the one that ran to stop them coming in
If I hadn't been woken up by her bite she would be history :)

Jan Rodrigo
29th March 2010, 11:16
I have found that many of the people who are in power are nazi and if you look at Rituals they do it envoles blood drinking!

29th March 2010, 12:20
Basically, you should also look to the rational......
Look into your diet and the times when you eat. Often unbalanced diets can cause nightmares and restless sleep. Try not to eat after 8.00.pm as this will give your body time to digest food.

Additional, maybe you had a an astral projection into a lower density?

29th March 2010, 12:50
I'm glad it happened now. It's taught me a few things :)

29th March 2010, 14:55
I'm glad it happened now. It's taught me a few things :)

Tell us then, what did you learn?

29th March 2010, 14:58
just another suggestion.........one can place crystals at the corners of yr bed...........it creates a force field of light and charge it with protections.....

one can keep salt crystals around them as well.........


Jan Rodrigo
29th March 2010, 15:47
This is very true about the crystals but im feeeling this time has pasted the true Strength to protect are self comes from with in . at this present moment if you look on the out side for protection it weakens your inner power because you are not exercising your rights, not to mention you can all so state your free well, this has work greater for me

29th March 2010, 16:05
Dear Jan Rodrigo.........that is ALWAYS the case...to work from within one's inner power........What crytsals do is AMPLIFY.........so they strengthen the fields around one with your intentions being amplified........ Just charge them in yr hands or near one's heart with the intentions and let them radiate.....: )

29th March 2010, 16:31
Mmmmm... sounds like you've been visiting the same places as Max Mosley... :madgrin:


Jan Rodrigo
29th March 2010, 18:04
Ok I understand , crytsals they have Develop a consciousness, there alive and yes im sure they do amplifie your intension , I just wanted to get across that we can protect are self’s and we well not need things like this in the future.
we have to get red of any out side influences for are true self’s (god) dose not need it. I mean what do you feel inside dose this feel right to you, I don't whant to come across like i no best. love jan

29th March 2010, 18:43
Ok I understand , crytsals they have Develop a consciousness, there alive and yes im sure they do amplifie your intension , I just wanted to get across that we can protect are self’s and we well not need things like this in the future.
we have to get red of any out side influences for are true self’s (god) dose not need it. I mean what do you feel inside dose this feel right to you, I don't whant to come across like i no best. love jan
Dear Jan Rodrigo.......
I agree that if one feels enough power on their own....no tools are necessary...however many that do healing alot for others use tools to keep their energy fields charged and protected........but not necessary.........: )

29th March 2010, 18:59
Viking....whom is Max Mosley?????

Humble Janitor
31st March 2010, 06:25
Swanny believes in nazi vampires but not the GFL? Lame. Ha ha.

31st March 2010, 07:07
lol, but some folk are vampires, they suck the energy out from others, one needs to keep a close eye on ones cloak of protection when around such folk. samarakis crystals are a fab way of ensuring a good night sleep, especially if one grids the bed. swanny you have lots of crystals, can you not pop a couple of points in the corners of your bed? worked a treat for my daughter when she was younger.
however your dream has a sence of powerlessness, and i would be looking at that if i were you. the fact that you woke up and needed to check for any markings shows me that this powerlessness is something that needs to be dealt with now rather than later. someone taking life force (blood) could symbolise many things, and only you will have an idea of its source...... i would also pay attention to the woman figure (to see what rings true for you). one aspect of dreams can be seen as all in your dream represents a part of you in symbolic form from an existential view point, so the vamp woman could be interpreted as an aspect of you.....etc etc. analytically one could on the other hand interperet your dream as someting possably sexual, in the sence that vamp women are generaly portrayed as being sexy, powerful, and sensual beings. sexual dreams can be seen as creative dreams normally, creativity is the sexual force canciled down to its most basic level. however your dream seems to show someone taking that creative force.

just some observations
love m x

ps nazi would seem to me an extream authority figure

31st March 2010, 08:34
Swanny believes in nazi vampires but not the GFL? Lame. Ha ha.

Do you think Hitler didn't look into the possibility of vampires??? Seems more likely to me than some muppets on the internet claiming to be aliens. :p

Thanks M :)
There was an earlier part to the dream that was sexy but I can't remember it.

I have put a few crystals at each corner of the bed now :tinfoil3:

31st March 2010, 08:41
dont forget to hang up some garlic :p
love m x

31st March 2010, 08:58
sounds a bad nightmare

vampire is a vampire, be it nazi or non-nazi..the fact that it was nazi is more to do with your inermost fears..maybe experiences - if you are of that age and you still remember..if not, then maybe the films you watched or books you read..so, i'd forget about it being nazi, that's something for you to crack..maybe the way the word sounds is a clue to what or who is about to deliver a low blow.. you decsribe a pain you felt and that's the most telling/warning bit.. also, you keep yourself in the dark about something or someone - you say the room you were in was dark..that may mean the attack is coming unexpectedly..do you remember seeing any blood? any coulors at all? sounds like you are in some state of fear currently..hope this helps l


31st March 2010, 13:56
Thanks for all the replies I really don't think I'm in fear of anything.
Not sure if there were colours in the dream as it was dark but I usually dream in colour.
Must admit I did watch inglorious bastards the day before so that might be where the nazis came from.
I did manage to push the vampire away so I did beat her even though she bit me first :tongue1:

31st March 2010, 14:06
Hello love,

This is what my dream book says about vampires.

A vampire featured in your dream is a symbol of anxiety and sharp emotional conflict. It is likely that this dream relates to some ambition which you subconsciously feel is immoral or unethical.

Hope it helps,



Jacqui D
31st March 2010, 14:15
well swanny could be the film that you held on to subconsciously re;nazi theme, that would make sense, but i know there are such thing as vamps energy ones, and real live blood suckers,
Morgana not sure about garlic they say they do not fear this it is myth!
Watching vampire diaries at the moment on the tv they mention verbanun (plant) this stops a vamp straight away, did try to get a link to this plant also but no luck, of course it may be a made up name for the show. Also swanny if you do get another dream like that one and they come knocking on your door never let them in once you invite a vamp in you have had it, they cannot enter unless you invite them in, word to the wise i think!! Oh and lay off the cheese before you go to bed ha ha!!

Jacqui D
31st March 2010, 14:15
Double posted.....

31st March 2010, 16:50
Thanks Kriya

Jacqui I know about the vampires not being able to come in unless invited, I remember being surprised in my dream that they just opened the door and attacked me :confused:

31st March 2010, 17:18
Hi Swanny, that may be because ET vampires do not respect free will, which is the reason most abductions happen. Governments across the globe signed treaties with them that allow human experimentation, we are consider "property" of the goverment under Maritime Law which is the law that goverments use. Maxwell talks about it