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19th September 2010, 21:18
For the times ahead we will need examples of courage, fearlessness and bravery which can inspire us .
Simple acts by simple man/woman, which requires BIG BALLS.

Here is a start.
This guy was the first in space and plainly jumped back to Earth:


19th September 2010, 22:18

19th September 2010, 22:37
Illuminate, wow, dont suppose you know of the song that was playing during this clip, really lovely....

20th September 2010, 16:01
@ Ammit...
Music: lauberge du bouleau blanc, MC Solaar, Chapitre 7


20th September 2010, 20:21
Many thanks Illuminate. :cool:

20th September 2010, 20:23
wow wow and wow, thx bashi and illuminate :wub:
love to you all avalonians
im off to get some beauty sleep so tc and have fun
m x

20th September 2010, 23:49
Here's some more balls... talk about absolutely fearless... CHRIS SHARMA redefines the human potential. The movie KING LINES is incredibly inspiring!! We are really amazing creatures... we can do whatever we set our minds to :love:


28th October 2010, 21:25
Another great one Illuminate.

Wish I had big balls to try this let alone the youth and physical strength that it must take...

noxon medem
29th October 2010, 04:57
- very nice, actualy realy impressive stuff.
And the Joe Kittinger video in opening post is both beautiful and stunningly well made.
- thank you for that, bashi. ( or did I press the thank-you-button ?)
And when the kids are seeking thrills by jumping from high altitudes,
- this is what the grownups are doing:
2722 .. 2724 .. 2725 .. 2723
click images to view

Eskil Rønningsbakken (norwegian)
( eng: Ronningsbakken )
Here is an online norwegian tabloid news article about him :
Headline is: - Jobber side om side med døden ( - work side by side with death )
and the source of most of included images :
Altitude and Attitude seem to be the mix
- and Balance, people. Balance.
Big Balance ....
It is no advantage to have big balls when doing this.
If you do have big balls and try it, make shure they
don't bounce around too much...