View Full Version : America Uneathed - America's Oldest Secret

9th March 2013, 22:15
This episode kind of picks up from where the last one left off.

The Newport Tower is considered by many to be the most mysterious structure in the United States. Some people think it's a colonial era windmill or perhaps all that's left of an early water tower, but Scott Wolter is convinced it's something far more significant.



10th March 2013, 11:28
This is rubbish. This is another attempt by National Geographic and the History channel to debunk ancient civilisations.

In fact, the relationship with the Templars is sound evidence but the truth is this structure PREDATES the Templars,

The Templars stole the Ark of the Covenant and all the accompanying literature that were stored in the Temple in Jerusalem placed there by Jews whose descendants had stolen the same from the Egyptian Pharoahs at the time of the Exodus.

On a related topic, the Templars were also accused of the enigma of Oak Island and it's buried treasure which appears to have been buried before the great flood 10-20k years ago.