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15th March 2013, 18:53
I was wondering if you guys ever noticed:

~ people spend a LOT of time generalizing about the two-party system in the USA and how it is the source of our political struggles.

~ people seem confused about the respective platforms of their parties and don't even understand the objectives of said parties!

~ they don't DO anything about it; it's the internet age and no one's thought of a way to start an E-Party...

~ people don't seem to be aware that the ideals they support in the form of supporting their parties often do NOTHING to help them and NOTHING to further their interests; in fact people, lose a lot of fundamental freedoms when they adhere to outdated moral systems proscribed by these parties! [ Good examples are the "Pro Life vs Pro Choice" conundrum and the "Pro War vs. Anti War" farce ]. In my opinion, simply ignoring the issues propagated and propagandized by the Dems and Repubs, might rob those groups of the funding and interest they need in order to maintain power.

~ redirecting the people might be easier than changing the existing parties. For example, don't support the war? Don't support the troops, period, stop paying war tax. Don't allow a black budget. Buy a gun and build a HAARP if you're insecure about war and peace, lmfao. Why worry? We are surrounded by oceans and are thousands of miles away from the "terrorists". Who should we fear except maybe China with their empty company towns and seething sweatshops? And we are headed the same direction, via a different vehicle which we call Capitalism.

~ excluding our amazing Constitution and other ancient but effective documents, we should consider discarding some of the notions we were raised alongside and develop a more independent way of thinking, even at the expense of reputation. Being false to yourself is one of the most devastating habits in which you may indulge. And it's a sin as much as being false to any party.

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Here are some basic questions we should ask about Dems and Repubs:

~ are they honoring the idea of separation of the powers of church and state?
~ are they honoring the system of 3 separate branches of government?
~ are they honoring the Constitution?
~ do they respect life?
~ do we all have access to the items listed in the Bill of Rights?
~ are they honoring the right of the people to choose their battles?
~ are they doing anything to improve the conditions in which we live, doing anything to reduce illegal taxes, making more food available, restoring our rights to the land upon which we live?
~ are they doing one damned thing that actually makes a positive difference in your life or are they nothing more than a noise in your ear and a thorn in your side?

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I had the honor of speaking in person to Ralph Nader once, at Berea College around 9-11 2001. I asked him after his speech to the assembly, "what is the best way to effect change in our country?"
He told me, "you HAVE to start at the community level. your community."

Maybe we should have joined the Green Party at 18! LOL. But I registered as an Independent.

What do you think about the current system and the state of affairs, and do you think that redirecting the public away from media-furthered interests could rob the Dems and Repubs of a lot of the funding and moral support they've hijacked to meet their evil ends?

lol discuss!

15th March 2013, 19:50
The way I see it, redirection and playing on "winning" by division is the only goal, keep the people distracted in herds to feed off of each other , redirect and mislead , then pit the groups against one another. class against class, race against race, idea against idea. Keep the people so busy that there heads spin and never give them the opportunity to become what we really are. A gift of energy that can do anything as one. ...................... I love the flash mobs taking place, spontaneous groups coming together to act as one in the most highest form of art, love of humanity,and music that bonds the earth together as one just for a moment of space, place and time. But oh how grand it is.

2 elections ago I held the position of a campaign manager for a guy running for congress as an independent, since this election and this last presidential election I have decided not to support this system of parties at all, all it is to me is a professional soap opera that feeds off of other peoples money to create the cast to continue the show, there is much more important things in life other than to see the shallowness of watching people that don't accomplish anything else anymore than to spend other peoples money and print and give away borrowed money. I have turned to my community to make an impact there and see the results, the ones in Washington can have their show, after all it doesn't really take a lot of talent to spend other peoples money anyways does it and to waste all of your most valued personal time on such a distraction on a bunch of people that don't even have the ability to even run an ice cream stand for a living.

Waiter ah check please.............................next.

16th March 2013, 01:45
Love the comments and spirit of this thread. Wish I could participate but am struggling to type with iPod. You no wit I min??