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16th March 2013, 00:55
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Russian TV Exposes Financial Tyranny with David Wilcock, Part 1-- Jan. 16, 2013 -

Published on Feb 4, 2013

Did the Federal Reserve bankers secretly finance both sides of World War I and II -- to rob central banks, and steal their gold, on a worldwide basis?

Did some of the leaders of these nations secretly know this was being done -- and were told it was for the good of humanity, as gold ownership would devastate world peace?

Was all this gold secretly put "on deposit" with the Federal Reserve -- and exchanged for worthless bonds, with face values of up to a billion dollars each?

Did this global heist allow the Federal Reserve to eliminate all competition to their "magic printing press" -- so they could print 26 trillion dollars' worth of bailouts, as a Fed audit revealed?

Is there a growing international alliance of countries who want to defeat the Federal Reserve -- and restore unprecedented peace and prosperity to our planet?

Russian television network REN-TV was the very first to transform David Wilcock's epic Financial Tyranny investigation into a full-length documentary program.

This is the first of two episodes of "We Never Dreamed," a popular show on REN-TV that airs on prime time. This episode was called "Million Dollar Give Away - We Want our Billion Back," and aired on January 16, 2013.

Stunningly, this same day, Germany demanded the Federal Reserve return 300 metric tons of gold "on deposit" -- and also demanded France return their entire holdings of 376 metric tons.

Russia bravely stepped forward to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati, Lucifer, the Bilderberg meetings, the New World Order, and the greatest criminal act in human history.

See it now for the first time -- complete with English subtitles -- and enjoy!

[DISCLAIMER: David Wilcock does not agree with nor approve of all the content in this documentary. We have made this available as a public service to reveal how REN-TV handled this controversial and upsetting subject.]

16th March 2013, 03:18

Wow this is strange, I was going to put the video up (which I see is now updated, thanks) and then I thought, ok, I will put up the part 2.

So I did a Youtube search by copying the exact title of part 1 (minus the "part 1")
and looks like YOUTUBE Search engine can't find it even with an exact word search...

Now part 2 could theoretically have a different title but part 1 not even showing, should have been the first video listed???
What does that tell you?

It seems PA is not the only source of trolls attracted to David's work, but get this, I then followed the link back to the YouTube Account davidwilcock333, and the video he is playing isn't listed at this account!!! nor any part 2!

Now that really doesn't make ANY sense to me...
Maybe someone can corroborate this for me, too weird. Western Cabal media manipulation in action... brilliant, I feel like I bumped my head on a low beam in the holo deck.

update: Ok, maybe I am losing my mind, but I counted 7 videos, there are now 8, BUT, when you put in a search (even though there are only 8 videos) for TV or Russian the search which is supposed to pull anything in the account will NOT reference the Russian Video NOW this I know for sure cause I just tried it by removing one word at a time from the title and it refuses to list it, but it will list his other videos if I put in David Wilcock, etc...

16th March 2013, 03:31
I also thought it was fishy it didn't show up on YouTube. It's a shame because it really seems like the folks at REN-TV are doing their best to present this information in a way that will capture the attention of the mainstream. I can't wait to see parts 2 and 3.

16th March 2013, 03:41
Wonder if there is a way to promote it. Bloody Youtube, Controlled By Google. The search engine Masters of the Universe. That is what I call a MEDIA VACUUM. Perfect example.

16th March 2013, 03:48
Wow I just picked this up David never ceases to amaze me with his unbelievable research and insights


16th March 2013, 04:01
I need to come back to this thread with more time.

16th March 2013, 06:01
The text in the lower left-hand corner is "David Wilcock Economist" in the Russian Alphabet (and all words are pronounced the same as in English). I saw David for only a few minutes in this long docoumentary - e.g. at 1.13 mins talking about the Japanese taking Gold and valuables from their occupied lands in WW2.

18th March 2013, 01:22
Bumping...this only came to my attention a few minutes ago and did not see this post 2 days ago... xo