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20th March 2013, 17:35
In the past few years and as new Bills have been signed into legislation, I have noticed a very scary pattern emerging, the pattern of taking away peoples rights.. creeping slowly into play so as to not alarm the average citizen.

For me, the lightbulb went on when the food industry came under attack with the HR875 Bill that labeled this The Food Modernization Act of 2009. This Bill basically criminalizes the sale of organic produce and meats and requires organic farms to use specific fertilizers and insect sprays to make sure that there is no danger to the public food supply. I mean really??

The next Bill I will mention was the NDAA Bill which I'm sure everyone here know's all about.. it empowers the government to spy on citizens, monitoring their activities in order to discern whether or not someone is a terrorist. It brought about changes in law enforcement that allowed agencies to search phones, financial records, etc. In my eye's and as well as many, this is a violation of our Constitutional rights.

As I go on here, the next eye awakening moment is the right to bare arms. Our Government wants to take away the peoples rights to defend themselves from the few nut jobs out to hurt the innocent. I truely believe that the quality of medical care in todays society has been on a downward slope with high costs that many cannot afford and Doctors who just don't care as much basically due to all the red tape they have to deal with these days.. therefore letting mental health patients slip through the cracks. Without guns, we would be very vulnerable.

Now I'll talk about Drones and the Military in our own backyard. The White House is being asked by attorneys to explain a top-secret presidential policy directive signed last month that may allow for the domestic deployment of the US military for the sake of so-called cybersecurity. Cyber security??? I mean really?? Drones are also on the rise and being used all over the World at this point. They have been spotted numerous times in our skies.

Next is HAARP. Have you ever seen the likes of these violent storms, drought, freezing temps, so hot you could't breath or snow so high you couldn't get out your front door? Not I in all my 52 years.

Now I will go to the financial crisis unfolding before our eye's. This has been creeping in at a steady pace and lately has started to erupt. People without money are truely dependant on a Government. I have never heard of a Government being able to take 10% of peoples money from them ever. With the USA's debt, who knows what will happen. And, can many of us pay our bills? I think not.

Now the point I'm trying to make... Have all of these factors been some part of a grand scheme? Changes so suttle that the average person doesn't see the pattern? Well, I see a pattern emerging.. People dependant on their Government for food, shelter and protection. Is this what a One World Government would be like? I don't know the answer but I do know that all of these issues are not a coincidence. Many things changed after 9/11 and I feel that that was the un-vailing for a bigger plan.

Does anyone else see this pattern? If so, tell me what you think. I know that not too many people see this and I call them sheeple in a pasture...they're not paying close enough attention to the signs and of what's to come.

william r sanford72
20th March 2013, 17:45
sheeple being guarded by hungry wolves.....you laid it out in simple no frills way.good job cosmickat.

20th March 2013, 19:44
Yes, the pattern has been emerging for decades now and more and more people are becoming aware of it--thanks in no small part to sites like Avalon. There has been much written about all of what you have mentioned and more and more whistle-blowers are coming out of the woodwork all the time. Although over 15 years old now, I just became aware of the Kay Griggs story (Kay Griggs: Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57036-Who-Is-Kay-Griggs&p=650908&highlight=griggs#post650908)) posted here on Avalon. There is so much going on behind the scenes with so many people being discredited, financially and/or psychologically destroyed, or killed for coming forward with what they know. We live in a very sick world with extremely sick and depraved sociopaths/psychopaths controlling it.

21st March 2013, 05:29
I believe this pattern has been going on for 350+ years, when goldsmiths, who were safekeeping peoples' gold, realized a lot of the owners didn't return for long periods.
The goldsmiths began "lending" the gold to others with interest.
There you have the beginning of the fractional reserve banking system.

Throw in the likes of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs (a.k.a. "del Banco") and similar power hungry "humans" (?), and welcome to the present (this timeline).
Money and power is what they thrive on, along with maintaining their bloodlines (inbreeding? LOL).

They buy the elections, gov't and military officials and own 90% of the large corporations on the planet.
Disarm the masses, control the money, food and water supply (ok, energy and pharma as well).
They have been planning this since the 1700's; London being the $$ capital of the world, Washington D.C. being the military capital of the world and Vatican city being the religious capital of the world.
Only Iran, Cuba and Syria (maybe one or two others, I've forgotten) do not have banking institutions run by these parasites on humanity (I know, such harsh words LOL).
Anyway, it is what it is and the sooner the flock can be roused from sleeping, the sooner the world will be a better place, IMHO.
Thanks for letting me vent LOL!

31st March 2013, 06:33
Here,, here Dynamo!

31st March 2013, 07:14
All of this PTW Legislative :bs:

I'll use one of their (Words) is


The (HOAX) is up, we are nearing 'Critical Mass' and these Fkers are simply NOT going to be allowed to get away with it...:nono:

I'll use the (Rachel Hunter - Principle) to explain my point further...

Pay attention to what she says @ 27 secs...


"It won't happen overnight, but it will happen"

How's that for a corny post...:sorry:

PS - 1 More (False-Flag) and these PTW Fkers are FINISHED..!