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20th March 2013, 20:59
Hi there,

Can't believe im asking these sort of questions. I would put this in the category of tin foil hat type questions.

However that was a few years ago and now im more open to it.

Im completely new to these type of things but basically i would like to research electromagnetic weapons.

What types are there?
Who uses them?
Who do they typically use them against?
What are the symptoms?



Lefty Dave
20th March 2013, 21:25
The worst out there are the smart meters...as whole neighborhoods are bathed in this EMR soup...you'll have to do your homework to find symptoms, etc., Devvy Kidd @ Rense.com has a lot to say about them...also this:


Fred Steeves
20th March 2013, 21:33
Check out this thread started by SilentFeathers Bob.

There is also person to person psychic attack, same thing just different.

20th March 2013, 21:34
Check out these two threads:

The Technological Revolution: Artificial Intelligence and the Invisible Plague (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?55117-The-Technological-Revolution-Artificial-Intelligence-and-the-Invisible-Plague)

Brainwave and Thought Pattern Manipulation - AI Technology And The Invasion Of Our Minds (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?55549-Brainwave-and-Thought-Pattern-Manipulation-AI-Technology-And-The-Invasion-Of-Our-Minds)

21st March 2013, 10:34
Dr Barrie Trower, respected figure in this area


21st March 2013, 10:48
Hm.. maybe this thread is also connected with this one : http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57086-Information-and-Links-on-the-Blue-Brain-Project

21st March 2013, 19:11
I'm impressed with the information here on Psychic/EMF attacks. It's a great refresher as there's a lot of info on this subject.

22nd March 2013, 16:50
Thanks for the leads, people. Im half way through barry trowers video in the thread. Quite mind-blowing if what he is saying to be correct.

Not had much time to look at the other stuff.

I will report back when i have checked it all out.

My question for now is, assuming these weopons exist, WHO do THEY target and WHY?

11th April 2013, 11:55
Unpenned talks to Barrie Trower start at 6mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSBN4YxYORU

I can see us all going around with lead knickers.

11th April 2013, 12:25
They can make a sex maniac out of you!!
Or a murdered in 30hrs!!
You must listen to this!!!

Mobile phones put more CO2 into the atmosphere than 100, 000 000 cars.!!

He wont use a mobile phone or a computer.

11th April 2013, 12:37
They can hear every thing you say and every thing you do if you carry your mobile phone.