View Full Version : Reality and cartoon land incompatible.

23rd March 2013, 15:37
What a sad day when children demand- don't get- then fire a bullet into baby when money is not forthcoming.

The media must take it's share of responsibility for this outcome, what you put in you get out- there could be no other outcome .




william r sanford72
23rd March 2013, 16:44
My Sure fire solid 100 percent tested and proven solution to tv and my children is...the off button. but i do agree sheme.there is a much deeper and darker problem...why put such things on tv..movies...music..when they know whos watching...our kids.there was time when grown ups had there entertainment and kids theres and the line wasnt blurry...that line is long gone now.I never thought i would live to see the day i would miss shows like the brady bunch.;)

23rd March 2013, 23:50
It's a dreadful story and I do not understand why we lie to ourselves and do not acknowledge that watching violent TV programs and playing even more violent computer-type games have an effect on some of the children who watch them. There are people who cannot really cannot, or do not want to recognise reality from fantasy, after all the on-screen corpses jump up unhurt, or disappear tidily before the next game session. In real life the consequences, especially in a society where guns are freely accessible, is very tragic indeed.