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Frank Hewitt
24th March 2013, 04:22
Hello everyone, this is the speech i am planning to say in a week to all my family with the goal of saving my grandfather, he has a severe case of reumatoid arthritis, small kidney problems, multiple brain mini-strokes, hearth problems, had cancer, smoke a lot and got his appendix removed and teeth problems, his body is about seventy two years old:
"Before i begin i must warn you that this is going to be a long speech, so if you give a damn about the grandfather i suggest you to turn on your music, get back to your home or simply get out. The reason why the grandfather is in such a bad state is not an act of god, the devil or any supernatural cause. The reason is systematic abuse and severe injuries through the years and i dont mean that he fell many times or that he had his toungue bitten. I mean that he worked for years like an addict, ate a lot of garbage, drank a lot of garbage, rarely saw his family and was alone most of the time, obviously he got hearth problems and he went to the "doctor":"Oh, you got hearth problems, we will give you this drug and dont worry, you will be fine. Oh now you got arthritis, we will give you this medicine that will destroy your brain and that will work for the arthritis only for a couple of months but dont worry, you will take it for 20 years. Oh now you got appendicitis, dont worry, we will cut it off and you will be fine.Oh now you got prostate cancer, we`ll take it out to. Oh, we really sorry but this medicine for the arthritis does not longer work and now we believe that you are a lamb because `i think, therefore i am` so, you are very dumb."
That kind of destruction is part of what i mean, this kind of medicine does not work, if i told you that if you trow gasoline to fire, there will be no fire you would tell me i am crazy, then why the hell are we suposed to be doing this to him? Besides that kind of destruction is what this family including me have been doing, every time someone goes to the grandfathers` house we only speak with grandmother, we all know that it is because we believe that he is a vegetable, he is abandoned, until the past saturday i realized something, whenever i hold his hand he holds my hand for a very long time, now i see that it is because he feels terribly alone, not only that, i see many of you treating him like a retarded monkey, the reason why he rarely talks is because he cant, i have felt the horrible situation when i cannot say what i want, imagine what it is to be like that all the time. He is suffering in every possible level.
So, we got 3 options here, we can kill him to put an end to his pain, we can keep the torture and slow lonely death or we can give him love, heal him and be what we are suposed to be, a family.
Now you will be thinking "Ok, i agree, but the doctors say there is nothing we can do" and you believe that, well, i know those doctors know less than i about healing people. In this last year of school i have been researching full time everything i can, and i have found that many "uncurable" diseases actually have a cure. In the 1931 a man called Otto Heinrich Warburg won the nobel prize because he found the cause of 99.9% of chronic diseases and around the same time a man called Max Gerson had already found a cure for a lot of many "uncurable" diseases, of course he was killed but his legacy still remains, it consists in a diet of very high quality juices, these juices are made only of vegetables, and they work because they have a lot of minerals, vitamins and the most important, enzimes. Some people can reach about 120 years, I can grant that if we begin now, he will live at least until he is 90. There is a hospital in tijuana and i want to take him there for 2 weeks, so, this is the offer, you can kill him, you ca keep torturing him or you can cooperate with love, support and money to take him there.
To finish you might be thinking "why is he trying to save him, he is just blocking us, taking our money" the reason because i am going to do everything to save him is because i can, if you choose to stay with your head in the sand i will curse your souls and i will never talk with you again"

If you want to add something or suggest or anything just write it, it is very important for me to save him, he has always been there for me and even when i am the one in the family who cares the most about him, i havent been there for him. I just want to keep doing more good work

24th March 2013, 04:37
..it is a noble thing you are doing Frank Hewitt and I sincerely hope it works. But prepare yourself for the reactions of others, our brothers and sisters are not always in the same place as us, that's not a judgement, it is what it is.

24th March 2013, 04:47
Frank--- At 72 your grandpa is doing well. Some people are running marathons at 72 and some are not. Many more are dead before 72, and he will have said goodbye to many friends. I am 73 and obviously in better shape than Grandpa, but still I am old. Not too old yet!- but old enough to defend your Grandpa against a child who does not yet understand that life has an ending, and sometimes older people want to quietly slide into it after the turmoil of life. He really does not sound well and the best way for you to bring some joy into his life is to visit him, enjoy his company, talk to him and give him a reason for lingering here with you for a bit longer. Don't bully him into trying new methods of prolonging his already long life. He knows he is ill and he would probably like some gentle acceptance by you, and some dedicated time as you visit him regularly.

Remember your much loved Grandpa as he was when he gave you support and comfort. He now needs support and comfort from you as he loves you too.

24th March 2013, 10:59
Morning Frank...
The most important speech should begin between you and your grandpa. If he can squeeze your hand, you can
have a conversation (yes and no answers). If possible get him out of the house into the outside world of sun,
trees and people. Read to him, play music, chess. Engage him, love him. Be an example for all. Using the time to
try change other people will probably be a waste of valuable time. Don't forget gramma. She may need to be reminded
gently there is more than a sick body to care for. She may be tired and overwhelmed, maybe even afraid. Grandparents
are great teachers. Tell them thank you. I miss mine.

Fred Steeves
24th March 2013, 11:23
To finish you might be thinking "why is he trying to save him, he is just blocking us, taking our money" the reason because i am going to do everything to save him is because i can, if you choose to stay with your head in the sand i will curse your souls and i will never talk with you again"

Hi Frank. I can appreciate where you are coming from, I truly can. It just comes across as a bit harsh to me is all. Personally, I'd try to find a way to say the same basic thing, but using a softer approach. An approach inviting your family to take a good long look within their hearts, and see if maybe there's a little something they have been missing or ignoring.

Accusing and demanding is likely to just cause them to become even more entrenched in their current ways, whereas inviting them to take their own second look at things could be an opportunity for miracles to occur, and not just for your grandfather.


24th March 2013, 12:07
I think you need to ask Grandfather what he would like? He may be looking forward to leaving this Earthly realm, staying here may be the last thing he want's.
Knowing that you love him like you do will be a huge comfort to him, but I bet the rest of your family love him just as much, perhaps they just see a bigger picture. peace and love are yours.



24th March 2013, 16:00
I would soften the approach a little when expecting others to instantly abandon their belief systems. Give them something to chew on, rather than something to push back from. Pull them in, gain their interest, and gently persuade them. An all out assault will turn them off to anything you say, even though you are 99% correct.

Trust me, I've failed many times. People just do not want to hear it. The truth or seeking of it is hard work and most are simply not going to give it a go. They want to depend on some higher authority. Why do you think religious doctrine is still so popular? "help me Jesus, help me God". No, go out and do it yourself. We're the only ones who can help us.

Frank Hewitt
25th March 2013, 14:54
Accusing and demanding is likely to just cause them to become even more entrenched in their current ways, whereas inviting them to take their own second look at things could be an opportunity for miracles to occur, and not just for your grandfather. Thank you, I wrote this when i was about to sleep and i had unabled the filter, it is true that i still hate my family and i dont think i will ever love them too much for many reasons, but you are right, beating a dog is the worst way to train it (not that i want to train them)

25th March 2013, 17:47
Bless you, Frank, any parent would be honoured to have you as a son. You have received lots of good advice in the preceding posts. I just want to add that I do believe in alternative treatment eg Gerson. However. a Tijuana hospital does not sound good to me. Too many cancer treatment scams in the past. Being there for him as much as possible.... will give grandma much needed support. It's all too easy to look the other way and become immersed in our own interests. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to reflect on our own behaviour.

25th March 2013, 18:36
You seem a bit bitter on how your grandfather lived his life. I think you need to take a moment and understand he has lived the life that he needed to live. What I am trying to say is ......it makes no difference if he were a priest, prostitute, doctor, president or a garbage collector. His life is every bit as important as anyone else's on the planet. We live a life that we need to live and others should not judge if it is right or wrong. That is not for us to do.

My advice would be do not be so harsh on him in your opening statement.
I think it is admirable that you want to lessen his pain and extend his life but do you know what he actually wants to do. Many people have have come to the conclusion that they do not want their life extended in any circumstance. Maybe he has come to peace with death and actually welcomes it's arrival.
Of course these are only my thoughts and I certainly could be wrong.
I wish you the best no matter how you approach this delicate situation.