View Full Version : Inelia: Everybody is your twin-flame!

24th March 2013, 09:37
Inelia shares some refreshing and inspiring insights on love, sex, and relationships. I personally very much appreciated it, it really helped me to connect with an understanding within me that is coming through at this time.

Some of you may remember that three months ago I said that "I found my twin-flame. (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?53412-I-found-my-twin-flame-on-Avalon)" It has been very eventful since then, regarding both inner and outer developments. While I surely meant what I said and while the love is still there, there is also more to how we act and grow as individuals and in relations, more than I have realized back then. Inelia pretty much nails it in this interview, I find.

I personally feel that having had the twin-flame experience that I described three months ago really helped me to open myself up to take a path to a much greater sense of connectedness but also detachment and sovereignty, overall a path to abundance. I processed so much, it was at times incredibly blissfull and at times intensely demanding. I'm incredibly thankful for the impetus that I got and the experience that I had, which doesn't mean that I'm at the end of whatever it is, but I surely turned a corner.

It's like always in life, we find something, we are completly fascinated, and then at some point we realize that it was a step on the staircase that is the expansion of consciousness. We climb a step, enjoy it there, dance and get a groove on, and eventually realize that the journey goes on to yet higher levels or maybe different directions where we might go together, alone, or with somebody new.

Regarding my personal experiences, that's all I wanna share at the moment. My words or this thread are not meant to denigrate the experience of anyone who lives a life with one person that he or she considers a soulmate for the rest of his or her life, I'm genuinely happy for everyone who happily experiences that. The information here is not meant to take something away from that, but to expand on from there!

Happy Sunday my dear soulmates! :)