View Full Version : Automotive Police State

24th March 2013, 14:58
Does it seem like the new job of
so-called law enforcement is to
harass drivers and create pointlessly
dangerous situations on the road?

It sure seems that way to me.

Eric Peters, one of the top automotive
writers in the world, agrees.

Video (about 8 mins):


24th March 2013, 15:16
Saw this on ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com. They sure aren't the "peace" officers of yesteryear. Some people may remember that you could decide to just sleep it off in the bar's parking lot. Today you can be charged for drunken driving if you do and thus many risk a half hour drive home to avoid possible arrest. Anybody old enough to remember doing something dumb as a teenager and being escorted home rather than being arrested?