View Full Version : Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs

25th March 2013, 00:21
Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs
Sunday, 24 March 2013 10:27
D Icke

This is one of the best drugs discussions I've heard for a long time.

The elephant in the room is the CIA runs the drug industry for black ops programmes ( not discussed)...


Published on 25 Oct 2012

LEAP co-founder, Peter Christ, appears on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY and takes on all
aspects of our disastrous War on Drugs. Captain Christ is vice-chair of Law Enforcement
Against Prohibition

25th March 2013, 00:46
15 minutes of truth. Very wise words from that cop, you simply just can not control free will.

25th March 2013, 03:02
Is it a coincidence this guys name is Peter Christ?


Ron Mauer Sr
25th March 2013, 03:28
The war on drugs is actually a big success for those into drug trafficking.
Could the largest and most powerful drug traffickers be the same group who declare drugs as illegal, driving up the price, and the profits?
Could the profits be funneled into very expensive black projects that have little or no oversight?

The answers seem very obvious to me.

25th March 2013, 15:45
Is it a coincidence this guys name is Peter Christ?


That did tickle me ..LOl..

Star Tsar
25th March 2013, 21:04
His words would have been more effective for me if he where still in his job!

25th March 2013, 21:30
You reminded me of one of my heroes, Michael Ruppert who I haven't thought much of lately...he doesn't get much play around here:


His movie "Collapse" is the best thing I found to open friends' eyes...

25th March 2013, 21:59
I watched this video with mixed emotions.
There were good ideas mixed with very dogmatic moral opinions.
The presentation method was emotional preaching, rather explaining.

I was not convinced. The person in the video did not obtain my trust.
Yet I support the moral issues presented.