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Kari Lynn
26th March 2013, 00:36
I've heard from a friend of my hubby's that supposedly Gary McKinnon struck again, hacking into NASA. Again. Evidently pres. Obama gave a press release about it.
I have not found this info for myself and would appreciate if any one could verify, or deny this claim.
My thoughts ar if he really did do this again, and again the UK refuses to expedite, perhaps hes working for them?

26th March 2013, 00:41
my bet: this is false information

26th March 2013, 00:57
Yeah G Mickinnon is working for the British government :)

26th March 2013, 01:04
doubt gary could hang with the new gen of hackers tbh

26th March 2013, 01:07
Lol. The Empire Strikes Back.

Positive Vibe Merchant
26th March 2013, 02:26
cant see this happening without the blessing of a governemtn first off considering how he got raked over the coals.

Kari Lynn
26th March 2013, 05:48
Evidently I was mistaken about much of the first case.
I thought he was a young kid, but he's only 4 years younger than me. Which means he was maybe 36 or 37 back in 2002.
I also thought he got 70 years, but according to wikipedia, the UK never prosecuted him after denying to expedite him.

26th March 2013, 05:58
Yeah G Mickinnon is working for the British government :)

any evidence for that?

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Kari Lynn
26th March 2013, 06:02
I've found a couple videos of the Pres. talking about the McKinnon case, but appears to be of old charges. Evidently activists have asked the Pres. to pardon him. I've still not found any thing about new accusations. Guess I may have to ask hubby's friend where he found it. I'm thinking he may have thought it was a new event because of the date on the video, but is still about old accusations.

26th March 2013, 06:03



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