View Full Version : Old wealth vs. new money

26th March 2013, 15:49
I read a long time ago about the predijuces old money has new money. Old money being fortunes built over generations and new money richness coming in from the so called overnight millionaires. I love Chris Rock's definition. Shaq is rich the guy who signs his check is wealthy.
In the same read they talked about how new money is viewed almost in a way that middle class people can view welfare recipients.
Last night I started giving this more thought in a ptb situation. Does old money view new money as the help? Are they just a source to be exploited and discarded when they are finished with them? I'm just trying to get a better idea of how these people think in order to understand than I did yesterday.

26th March 2013, 16:18
The "Nouveau riche" as the snobs like to call them are considered crass mainly because of their bloodlines. They aren't part of "society" and invited to parties etc. unless or until they have managed to marry into the proper bloodlines.

I say let the old money bastards interbreed (funny they laugh about hillbilly interbreeding) until they are so genetically compromised none of the rest of us would touch them with a 10 ft pole! :p