View Full Version : "The Harbinger"Author Jonathan Cahn joins George Noory for a discussion

26th March 2013, 22:15
I dont know if this has been posted yet but I thought this was an excellent
Interview! If you have a little time to spare, I highly recommend a listen.
It starts about 38:21 mark. Really interesting. March 20, 2013


27th March 2013, 00:26
Thanks for the video, Jagman.

I posted about Jonathan Cahn when his book first came out. He is a Messianic Rabbi from New Jersey and is one of the most incredible speakers when he is giving a sermon. When he steps out of his role, as a Rabbi, he is a simple man who has a speech impediment; but when he gets up to deliver a talk, he is mesmerizing.
His book compares the ancient history of Israel and relates it to current conditions in the United States. It centers around the World Trade Center and why 9/11 was allowed to happen. Whether you agree with his hypothesis or not, it is a fascinating book of ancient prophecy and how it has affected this country and will continue to do so.

27th March 2013, 06:27
I listened to this, I was kinda stuck and had nothing better to do.

Can I just say I didn't get it.
It seemed like he was trying to line up some ancient biblical accounts with some of those that are happening currently in our time and trying to make correlations in that avenue.
The thing was I just felt like the whole thing was a stretch. If someone can make sense of it better I'm all ears.

27th March 2013, 11:14
@ 50.44 - Cahn: "I live across the, the Hudson, so when 9/11 happened I could see it happening, I could see the smoke, in fact my wife, she wasn't my wife then but my wife was supposed to be there,you know, at that moment, you know, when that was gonna happen and she heard last minute her plans were changed, same with other people that, you know, same story happened, a lot of people that I knew were supposed to be there and their times were changed at the last minute....."


27th March 2013, 13:10
Listen to coast often during the day, listened to this interview with jonathan , His books on the harbinger are under $10 us, there are a set of 3 available, he said in his interview he was an atheist at 8 years old, then at age 20 and his 3rd near death experience by getting hit by a train in his car he made a conscious decision that there was a reason why he is here. Thus the harbinger was born and also his beliefs were transformed.

He connects the dots like no other, says that some in the congress and senate are reading and more importantly PRAYING,including some top generals. I personally was very humbled by his persona in describing what we all should know and in the interview Johnathon will even tell you during his investigations he was suprized at to what he uncovered and how the links match. If you don't want to buy the book, listen to him on the coast to coast past shows from last week, It's well worth your time. Next X in the road is 2015.