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27th March 2013, 17:56
This video is about something I've never heard of. I will have to research this more.
Ancient history is great.

Khipus, sometimes called talking knots, were recording devices historically used in the region of Andean South America. Khipus might have just a few or up to 2,000 cords.



27th March 2013, 18:58
very interesting stuff!


27th March 2013, 19:23
I wish they had a WATCH LATER button..

27th March 2013, 19:53
I like the tie in between X-files and it allusion to "aliens" and ancient history.... hmm... interesting...

Luis Filipe
30th March 2013, 13:54
the church is an absolutely piece of anoying people, they just think they know everything and they try to hide everything that might take humans to anchive great discoveries, or reveal great misteries...... and this is without talking about mainstream scientists and archeologists that hide discoveries just becuase its against their own way of thinking........

30th March 2013, 14:46
The title of the thread and of the video is misleading. So far nothing has been 'decoded'. The key to the code has been found, and so the decoding work can now commence. Chamoplion took twenty years from the discovery of the Rosetta stone to start deciphering the hieroglyphs, so we still have quite a wait before we find out what the khipus actually have to say.