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30th March 2013, 07:09
I have never heard of an Ekpyrotic Universe theory before today. I have heard about string theory and m theory, but not this one.

I also had never heard that an entity took over an intelligence computer in South Africa and downloaded information about a time coming which would be an overlay of other dimensions such as 5D. Strange noises would be heard, booms and flashes seen in the sky when this happens.

Maybe someone here knows more about this and can tell if there is any substance to it.

Here is an article from In 5D and also an explanation about the ekpyrotic universe theory from Princeton University.



30th March 2013, 07:14
Also found a short video, I believe is Linda Moulton Howe discussing it briefly.


30th March 2013, 13:47
Gee... wonder what else is contained in those 20,000 pages of information??

30th March 2013, 17:06
I don't have a clue. I almost always ask myself, is this another load of BS? If things like this have happened, then most of us are so deeply in the dark, we can't even begin to imagine.

The one thing I'm pretty sure about, is that most physicists believe we got it wrong and there is so much more that we couldn't even began to conceive.

Like why is the gravitational force weaker than other natural forces, now one theory is not that the g force is not leaking out from our dimension to another membrane universe; but leaking into ours from another universe which leaves it weaker, enabling us to move and pick things up.

Makes you think that everything happens for a reason. I would like to find out more about the 20,000 pages Sirdipswitch.

30th March 2013, 18:20
the strange sounds I believe are the magnetic fields of earth bending and fluxing back together, when they collide we get spacequakes/ booms ... the earth is on a wobble, it creates seaquakes and spacequakes, like two people jumping rope with a tub full of water, the water feels the effect of the motion and crashes from side to side, and magnetic fiels whip around and crash into each other out of balance, when they balance we get a boom in the sky ...

Nick Matkin
30th March 2013, 21:27
In Linda M Howe's free podcast no 72 she interviews a PhD NASA solar physicist about these noises. He carefully dismantles the associated pseudo-science which Linda presents to him. Examples:

• "Acoustic gravity waves" - a made up term with no scientific validity.
• If caused by the sun, how come no-one noticed them before, because sun-ionosphere-atmosphere-magnetoshphere-earth interactions have been studied for decades.

No matter how she tried to get him to say something new and unusual is going on with the solar cycle/space weather, he stuck to the facts.

What neither person on the released version of the show said was that the whole thing might have started as a hoax, followed by the “me too” brigade who just started mistaking a distant train, truck, thunder as “The Sound”; or independent hoaxers deliberately getting in on the fun.

And I suspect any other made-up explanations based upon space-flavoured or magnetic mumbo-jumbo shouldn't be taken too seriously.


30th March 2013, 23:37
Nick, have you listened to the videos emanating from many different countries and U.S. states? The sustained moaning and groaning and booms that carry on for hours? What do you postulate it could be?

As someone who has degrees after their name, I know, not everyone with a degreed pedigree always has the correct answer.

We are rewarded for repeating and sustaining the preferred rhetoric taught to us. And for heavens sake, do not ever think outside the box for fear of persecution and public humiliation. Many MD's and scientist I know kept silent for years for the afore mentioned fear. Now they are making their public stand without fear of humiliation.

One physicist knew there were more than 10 dimensions, but was ridiculed in public for years, now they are acknowledging that he is more right than they were.

Nanoo Nanoo
31st March 2013, 00:11
Fiday night i was transported to a new dimention. It was pretty wild, my entire existance shifted across and i saw a man at the controlls watching me to see if i would pannick during the exersise.. he smiled as i sat still and calm like a cucumber.

this was while i was meditating and was an amazing experience.



Nick Matkin
31st March 2013, 08:53
Nick, have you listened to the videos emanating from many different countries and U.S. states? The sustained moaning and groaning and booms that carry on for hours? What do you postulate it could be?

Yes, I have heard/viewed many of the Youtube videos of the noise. And my thoughts...

Just because a video claims to have been recorded in Kiev, or wherever, it does not mean that it was recorded there. Even if the video shows has a well known land-mark, the sound can easily be added after.

I can stick a microphone out of my window now and 'record something unusual'.

If there really were some new phenomenon that really had been widely reported (not reported as being widely reported!) plenty of scientists would like to be the first ones to seriously investigate it and develop a whole new area atmospheric physics. I doubt they would be castigated for their research if there there really were irrefutable evidence that the phenomenon exists, i.e. some recordings by proper sound recordists on professional equipment.

My guess is that some students specializing in the influence of social media and spread of internet memes ran an experiment. They made a slightly scary sounding video. Got some others to do the same in other countries (or claimed they were in other countries). They understand how the web works and how to get videos to go viral.

Then they sit back and watch. Suddenly other well-intentioned folks record stuff and claim they heard the noise too. The internet meme gains momentum, gets picked up by the less-discerning main-stream media on a slow news day, and BINGO! They have made something up that didn't exist, but gets people talking, forums buzzing and even gets on the TV.

A pretty good example if you want to present your deep understanding of human psychology and influence and power of social media. Now... I wonder who may employ someone with those skills...

Or it could be the sun doing stuff never before recorded in human history, interacting in an up-to-now unknown way with the Earth's magnetic field which somehow makes wide variety of noises noises apparently recorded by maybe a few dozen people, not tens of thousands across continents.

Let's face it, there may be some hitherto unknown phenomenon making theses noises, but there probably isn't. Occam's Razor and all that.

Yeah, I know, some folks really want to believe in this stuff, and hate it when a more rational alternative is suggested! Remember the "Mysterious Boxes" that got washed up on Oregon beaches last year? MSM picked it up and ran with it - without actually bothering to send a reporter out first after seeing just one photo. "Too heavy to float or lift", "Mysterious humming noise", "Harmonic Weapons".

Why weren't these boxes being pulled up out of the sand by huge front end loaders and then ripped open to see what they really are live on national TV? Errr... because they never existed?