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Bright Garlick
30th March 2013, 09:45
Dear friends - it is my wish that you are all well. I did not think I would ever post here again but I feel compelled to do so. I do not wish to provoke or upset anyone, just to share. And I thank Bill Ryan for all the wonderful work he has done here in creating an environment of openness and community. I also apologize Bill for any arrogance or hostility that I showed towards you. I was experiencing a very difficult period in my life but that is no excuse for being provocative.

I am currently trying to disconnect from the internet because I have more important things to deal with. You can learn more about this here : http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57042-From-my-heart-to-yours-a-request-to-help-a-member-given-6-months-to-live...


I am writing today because I am very concerned about global events. I REALLY, REALLY DON'T WANT TO SCARE ANYONE. PLEASE DON'T BE SCARED. BE AWARE. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS !!!

Last November after much hesitation I posted the following video but took it down after a short while because I felt that it might unnecessarily upset and scare too many people. In this video I talk about what I was shown by the Teal'hia (a creator race) about events that were to follow in our near future - primarily a major solar event and 2 major conflicts (Iran-Israel and North-South Korea). I have struggled for a very long time to make sense of what I was shown. I have also used a process called journeying (similar but different to remote viewing) to explore these events not once but 3 times and each time these events continue to show up. However not always at exactly the same time. I am unsure about the time lines and whether or not these events even apply to a broader time line. Maybe they apply only to my personal timeline as this conscious me in this time would experience. As I mention in the video, metaphors for time are very difficult to understand and are just that "metaphors", not reality but tools to help understand.

As I said in the video, I have been seeing a long series of events that correspond to what I was shown. And that has continued. Things seem to be happening like a series of dominoes or a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. I have been monitoring the sun, Hezbollah, Israel-Iran and North Korea avidly for the last 2 years to see if I could recognize what I was shown and things keep showing up.

But I don't want anyone to take all this at face value. It maybe interpreted in many different ways. It is up to you to think critically and examine what has happened historically and what is happening now. Perhaps all of this is my own fears manifest (I am quite sure someone will throw this back at me - in which case, perhaps I am a mirror for many).

I was shown because I asked about 2 specific events that were bothering me 2 years ago. I was also told in May last year by 2 different types of ET (who appeared in my house) about an intervention that had occurred with the sun after a long deliberation between members of a collective of almost a million civilizations. I have also asked again about the conflicts during an encounter last July. Things were confirmed again then.

You must make up your own mind.

But right now the conflicts appear to be developing as I was shown.


I post this now simply for you to be aware.

Long ago I tried to create a severe space weather petition (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/prepare-the-grid-for-severe-space-weather.html) but it received only 150 signatures and contributed to me getting sicker, so I dropped the whole thing. (It was not nearly as popular as a Gotye video !) But I am shocked that no one else has petitioned their own government. I believe that the reason for government inaction is simple. This is the only way we can reduce our global population and thereafter introduce tighter population controls. And I don't have a problem with that. I just have a problem with so much suffering. I think the reason for citizen inaction, is that people are afraid of being singled out by their governments and the media. Fear is a powerful oppressor but it is also a powerful ally of change.

So please, just stay informed about the sun and the conflicts in the middle east and in the Korean Peninsula/East/South China Sea (maybe try creating a Google news alert for your self). If the conflicts unfold as I have been shown/seen, South Korea will end up with great loss of life, the US will claim they shot down the missiles and poor Theran will end up suffering for decades. But I shall say nothing about the solar event.


May you all use your own discernment and see how my information stacks up against other information, past trends and our current reality.

Things are moving quick in regard to global transformations (although the really important spiritual transformations have become stagnant - see Ken Wilbur's writing on this) and in my own personal transformation. I may not have the chance to step up and say "This is our chance to wake up !" again.

Every day, every moment is a blessing my friends, not just for me but for all of YOU. We are one indivisible whole. We the WITNESS experiences all. We MANIFEST all.

Love, prosperity and joy to all my fellow human beings.

Bright. :wave: :peace:

PS. Maybe someone who has been told he might die soon, shouldn't really give a **** about what's happening or about other people. But I do. It's just the way I am. All suffering touches me.

30th March 2013, 10:43
Korea isn't a conflict I'm worried about. After living in the South for a few years the North has a big reputation for saber rattling when it needs more aid or is trying to show its strength.

The sun is absolutely out of our control and if we were to be decimated by space weather then I would have to put it down to being part of the cosmic plan for the universe, who am I to stand in the way of that.

As for the middle east, yes the situation has rolled on for a number of years but progress is slowly being made and like the other things issues isn't going to effect my state of mind as is out of my control.

30th March 2013, 10:52
Dear Bright Garlick, thank you for posting. My best wishes to you.

30th March 2013, 11:16
Travel well BG. Thank you.

30th March 2013, 11:45
Bright wrote,
"Every day, every moment is a blessing my friends, not just for me but for all of YOU. We are one indivisible whole. We the WITNESS experiences all. We MANIFEST all."

Yes ... Thank you for the reminder. And thank you for sharing this message. It is ours to discern individually and act collectively if so inspired.
With gratitude,

30th March 2013, 18:14
I never worry about the sun, the EMV's will take care of that, and if humanity chooses violence over peace, the EMV's simply back away and let the sun do what a fusion star does ...

30th March 2013, 19:26
Thank you Bright Garlick. Heal and be well. Peace, love and caring. Mandala

30th March 2013, 21:32
Thanks so much, Bright. Much appreciated!

I signed your petition! Too bad it didn't get as much attention as it should have.

Wishing you all the love and health I can!

30th March 2013, 22:21
BG , you prob don't remember me . Your very first video I commented on , saying "you are not alone and thanks for sharing I look forwards to your next video " you said , quote "I may not make another" you have made several since , You cannot hide your truth , I wish you well on your path and thank you for your insight . Peace be with you , namaste my friend .

The Truth Is In There
31st March 2013, 11:13
don't be sorry that you may leave your body soon. you probably did what you came here to do and are free to go now. be glad that you're allowed to leave before things get even more ugly around here. farewell!

31st March 2013, 22:06
Bump this thread, and thanks.

Things are heating up in Korea, the Middle East, and on the sun.

What we need to do is keep cool, prepare, and pray.

Staying informed is crucial right now, as Spring/Summer approaches. There are many things happening on all three of the mentioned fronts ... plus the global financial front.

Everybody, please stay informed and take care of yourself.

Spark up a conversation with a stranger. I've mentioned these things to half a dozen people last week.

They hadn't even heard of Cyprus, they were unaware of the situation in Korea, and I get to explain solar cycles, sunspots, and coronal mass ejections.

The next day, they bring it up in a conversation with me. I can tell they went home and looked into it.


see also: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57245-The-Creatrix-Behind-the-Veil&p=652446&viewfull=1#post652446

1st April 2013, 04:07
I'm starting to think the US wants this war to happen.



U.S. deploys stealth fighter jets to South Korea (http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/31/world/asia/us-korea-f-22s/index.html)

U.S. flexes muscle after N. Korea provocation

North Korean secrecy on bomb test fuels speculation on nuclear advances (http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/north-korean-secrecy-on-bomb-test-fuels-speculation-on-nuclear-advances/2013/03/31/f46bda44-98ae-11e2-b68f-dc5c4b47e519_story.html)


I am an optimist, sometimes I'm even quixotic, but I'm also a realist. So let me set idealism aside for a sec.

Garlick, I think the situation in North Korea is now causally tangled with the situation between Israel and Iran. The US is in the middle of all of it too.

Netanyahu is as adamant about Iran not developing a nuclear arsenal as Kim Jong-Un is about keeping his.

If war breaks out in North Korea and DPRK uses a nuclear weapon on the South, Israel could lose it.

Israel probably views the DPRK as Iran. The US is in a bind here because if they can't stop DPRK from developing and using nuclear weapons, then what does that say about the ability of the US to deter Iran from doing the same thing?

There are rumors that Obama has given Israel the "green light" to take out Iran's nuclear facilities, and the US will likely supply them with weapons in this case. I just don't see how we couldn't get directly involved.

The situation between Israel and Iran could escalate very quickly if North Korea uses their nukes.

Pyongyang is pumped full of pride and diginity. Does the world not think that the world's news doesn't get read by North Korea?

Everybody is playing it down, "oh, those crazy North Koreans won't to anything, they're all talk. They just want money, or to set up new negotiations with the US. They have nukes, how cute. They better stop with all this bellicose rhetoric or they will get spanked."

This kind of reporting is only inflaming their anger. It's a whole different ball game. Kim Jong-Un is not like his father was, and they are nuclear capable now. They are getting angrier by the day. This whole thing with Korea is hanging by a thread, and that thread is in Kaesong.

The only negotiation the North will accept from the US is if it withdraws it's troops from the South and leaves their (DPRK) nuclear program alone. This isn't going to happen. Especially with Israel watching.

People aren't concerned about losing a war with North Korea (I don't think it would be as "easy" as they think). There is a much bigger picture though.

Firstly, if Korea goes to war many people will die. Especially if Seoul takes a major hit.

Secondly, if DPRK uses a nuke, this will fuel the fire in the middle-east.

Lastly, it will have dire economic repercussions. The global financial system is already teetering. South Korea has the 4th largest economy in Asia, and 12th in the world.

It's demise would have major consequences across all of the above areas.

Japan? They are depreciating their currency in a controlled manner. What happens if their grip slips? In less than a week they will announce and enact new QE plans which will drive the value of the yen even further down (this alone will add to the likelihood of an all out currency war). That's just Japan. There's also an economic situation in the US, Europe, and China (housing bubble).

A war breaking out in the Pacific is bad news. It would catalyze the potential for war between Israel and Iran. It could also have economic effects and if those effects lead to a global depression more war would break out. Civil unrest.

Real talk y'all, pray.