View Full Version : This Easter Sunday, I will reflect on the life of the most famous terrorist of them all, Jesus Christ.

31st March 2013, 18:16
If Jesus was alive today, he would be considered a terrorist by the same people that claim to love him. Jesus IS an enemy to the modern Roman empire of the United States, and just like Rome, the U.S. would hunt him down and destroy his life in the name of homeland security. He didn't die for our sins, he was murdered. Murdered for his expression. Murdered because he threatened the establishment. He was fighting the establishment armed only with the message of love.

Today, Americans are hopelessly fighting for equality. The fight however, will never be resolved. The majority of the people in this country lack love, they lack the Real Jesus. People want animal rights while eating a hamburger, they want marriage and sex equality while supporting religious institutions that forbid it, they want freedom of expression but yet want to censor opposing views. The United States is a nation that lacks Jesus while claiming to be god's chosen country, justifying wars in his name. This is not a country built on the teachings of Christ, this is a country built on the hypocritical laws of Christianity.

For most Christians, they wouldn't seek Jesus if it were not for the societal born fear of satan and hellish punishment. Many are told the 'closer' a Christian is to Jesus, the 'closer' satan is to them; the more righteous they are, the more temptation the devil will sling their way. Seeking the love of Christ through the motivation of fear will never lead to Jesus, fear cannot be the motivation- for fear is the opposite of love.

As Mark 7:21-23 states:

21 For it is from within, out of a personís heart, that evil thoughts come- sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly.
23 All these evils come from inside and defile a person.

Mark clearly implies satan is not to blame, only the individual's heart is responsible for their inequity. In fact, the closer someone is to the teachings of Jesus, the illusion of satan disappears. We awaken to the awareness that we are the one that is responsible for our own deeds. When we are in harmony with the Lord- our health, wealth and relationships will be blessed with abundance.

Take a look around...
In this country people are sick and over weight, violence is increasing in the home and on the streets, the economy is dwindling and the blood lust, whether it be for entertainment or food consumption, is unparallelled in modern society. This my friends is a country that is in a fight, a fight against Jesus.

This Easter Sunday, I will reflect on the life of the most famous terrorist of them all, Jesus Christ.

31st March 2013, 18:30
boy am I glad I canceled my post but trust me... hahaaha it was GOOOD

Nice post Nightingale - Welcome to the Avalon

31st March 2013, 18:31
Thanks Nightingale, I love your rationale, and yes!, I think the Leaders (Americains or otherwise) of the Financial World would do worst to Jesus than the Roman did!

Freed Fox
31st March 2013, 20:31
Calling Jesus a terrorist would be a malapropism. You said it yourself; he was armed with the power of love. Terrorists, by definition, aim to coerce people, governments, or nations into certain actions through the use of fear. The fear mongering aspect of Christianity is no fault of Jesus or his teachings, IMO, but a tactic adopted by the religious 'leaders' who have followed. I realize that this was likely part of your point; the term 'terrorist' is thrown around, misused, and abused to a large degree in our culture (particularly following 9/11).

Just as a quick aside (and not in any way wanting to turn this into a debate about vegetarianism), but there is no inherent hypocrisy in wanting and advocating for animal rights while being a meat eater. There is a big difference between eating meat from an animal that was treated humanely during its lifetime (given ample pasture and care, and not butchered in its youth) and supporting the industrial/factory farm system which is cruel by the standards of virtually any rational individual.

Also, though there is indeed a prevalent and disturbing fixation on violence, our blood lust surely does not compare to, for instance, the Romans who flocked to witness in person their fellow man being brutally slaughtered in the Colosseum, all the while cheering on the act.

Forgive me if I seem to be nit-picking. I agree with the points you are otherwise bringing to bear. It would be greatly helpful to our society if the public at large became aware of the contradictions they are living (and resolved to do something about it).

Joseph McAree
31st March 2013, 22:31
Hi Freed Fox ,
I agree with your train of thought about Jesus ( I would not use the word terrorist to describe him ) I would also like to point out that I believe in the message and the wisdom of Jesus. The rule of the Vatican and the Pope on the Roman Catholics population is another issue altogether of course. I think a lot of the teachings of Jesus, have been lost or misunderstood or just translated maybe on purpose and then maybe not, when hundreds of years have past and you then start to tell the greatest story ever told you are bound to make mistakes in the teachings, Then later you ask some high ranking church to bring the content of 13 different massive hand written bibles into one concise bible, still in Latin of course for many 100 years, well mistakes and wrong interpretation can be made.

May your God go with you (Dave Allan)

Kindest Regards

1st April 2013, 12:18
Fancy words and philosophies are shallow and fruitless. Only love and deep comprehension will save us now.

The Message is being shared. The Message is being Spoken. Excuses will no longer be accepted. It is happening, be prepared...

Wake up and quench the fire of anger with the balm of LOVE.

1st April 2013, 14:21
religion... :(

Joseph McAree
1st April 2013, 15:33
Hi Njord.
Hi Nightengal

I send you my blessing and love ,
I hope you are both well
Yes Religion !

Great to have a forum like this to express oneself and some great debates going on,
Yes religion is responsible for countless deaths innocent people because their beliefs did not match and countless amount of woman accused of being witches, yes it's all in the interpretation of each and everyone's belief system and has caused many problems.

We have the power to change this though with the power of love and respect for all living things.

Thanks again for your great posts

Kindest regards

Maia Gabrial
1st April 2013, 17:15
Christians would be the first ones to cast the stones....

3rd April 2013, 04:42
This post was about hypocrisy in American society. In case ya missed it.

3rd April 2013, 18:26
This post was about hypocrisy in American society. In case ya missed it.

And well done I might add.

Maia Gabrial
5th April 2013, 15:42
This post was about hypocrisy in American society. In case ya missed it.

It should also be about religious hypocrisy....