View Full Version : A tribute to my friends

31st March 2013, 21:10
To all my friends here at PA.I know I missed quite a few of you but I ran
out of room on my movie maker. lol


31st March 2013, 22:51
Thank you Jason! We love you too! :hug: Great song choice!

1st April 2013, 01:03
Thanks Jag...what a neat idea...

1st April 2013, 01:25
Thank you Jason, you are so thoughtful. That really made me smile :)
Much love

1st April 2013, 03:40
It made me smile too. The song choice made me know we will live to fight another day to get the truth out! Thank you. Mandala

1st April 2013, 04:08
~cool & good idea :)

nice song as well

1st April 2013, 04:14

1st April 2013, 04:49
I'm glad I saw my avatar at 2.10 - it's great I'm not invisible.

1st April 2013, 16:39
I'm glad I saw my avatar at 2.10 - it's great I'm not invisible.

Mulder all of my friends are visible to me. I have a pretty diverse group of
friends from around the world. They have a wide range of opinions & views.
( I love that!)There are some here that are not my friend but i still enjoy
reading their material (Really smart guys & gals) I should not say their not
my friends, They are just not on my friends list lol
Some real quick examples: Paul the mod is not on my friends list but he is
the guy I turn to when I have a tech questions. Vivek and Illie are brilliant
in the field of science and I think gripe is a creative genius who loves
crunching the numbers. I'm not a real good writer or tech guy has many
of you can testify lol but i am a student who loves to learn. I'm more of
an ideas kinda guy.Who stumbled here to Avalon after watching Bill & Kerry
videos. I treasure all my friends here for many different reasons and that
includes you!:wizard: