View Full Version : Neil Keenan Sunday 3-31-13 update: Arrest the bankers

1st April 2013, 18:22
I am just the messenger... and thought this was worth posting.

I agree we need to put the bankers in jail.

Much love! :grouphug: Much peace! :peace:


Published on Mar 31, 2013

In today's video, look for Neil's response on such questions as: What is the bigger picture regarding the Cyprus savings account theft by the EU? Is the new BRICS alliance going to come to the rescue, or is it just an EU rerun? How and when will the humanitarian projects emerge from the liberation of the Global Collateral Accounts? Keenan's blunt responses to these questions will be heartening to some, and frightening to others. We know who the frightened ones are, and they have reason to fear the consequences of their actions -- consequence they no doubt thought never to face.

2nd April 2013, 00:17
I am glad there is open discussion going on, mostly from people tucked away safely in other countries (brics countries)... But!!

No one is going to friggin arrest any of these bankers, corrupt politicians and judges... They are not going to go with out a fight. It will take armed conflict to root them out of their final beach head of the usa and that is only after the eu is taken down. Watch the rise of the brics new financial system, how it will lead to conflict and more corruption etc... Imho

Lost Soul
2nd April 2013, 03:36
Not going to happen in the US. They own the government here.