View Full Version : Researchers make breakthrough on storing energy for fuel cells

3rd April 2013, 06:32
Hello Everyone: This is exciting news for anyone who wants another choice in running their car, home or anything else for that matter. It should make energy alot cheaper.
Here is the link:


This makes hydrogen a viable energy product for all of us!


3rd April 2013, 10:22
That is exciting! I hope they are ALLOWED to sell it.

Daft Ada
3rd April 2013, 11:57
Yeah that will get bought up and stamped on pretty quick I bet

3rd April 2013, 12:26
Berlinguette and Trudel have already formed a company called FireWater Fuel Corp. to market their work and expect to have a commercially available electrolyzer by next year.

that's pretty ambitious... next year? that'd be one of the quicker concept to production turn arounds I've seen.

I'm still waiting for Graphene based technology.. I think that's where the future is at (super capacitor battery banks, ultra tough materials (stronger than steel) new storage devices at molecule thick sizes etc...).


especially since they've discovered easy ways to make it with cheap lasers