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4th April 2013, 18:55
First I would like to thank each of you in this community. Wow! What great discussion and information to think about. I had to take a break from this forum for a few months as it was a lot to take in for a first timer. I had to re-center myself before I could move forward. It was almost like I was rejecting the awakening but I couldn't stay away.

That being said...I've read a good bit on here about out of body experiences. I use to have them OFTEN as a young child. I remember laying in bed, closing my eyes, and it starting out as if I were rocking in a hammock. Then the hammock would go all the way around a few time as I would lose my awareness of my spot in space. I would begin feeling light and weightless as I rose above my body. I would fly above my house and rise and rise. It was a tingling sensation and also often started with many visions of vast amount of colors.

I never could define this as a young child and it has since gone away. I've tried it a few times since reading here and I can get a slight experience but nothing close to what I remember experiencing as a child.

Have any of you had this memory of this ability when you were a child? How could I have had the knowledge to do this then at such an extreme level?

How do OBEs relate to what is going on in our physical and present Universe and life after death? After all the info on here I'm trying hard to connect the dots between these experiences and our physical ones here on earth.

Thanks for any help!

4th April 2013, 19:31
I too used to have them often as a child. I havent had any that I can remember as an adult. I think I probably had them between the ages of 5 -10 yrs

5th April 2013, 00:29
I left my body one night when I was 10 years old, just as I was falling asleep. I slid out horizontally and I didn't know why I was floating next to my bed. I got scared and snapped back into my body. That was the first experience of a lifetime of weird experiences that I never dared talk about for a very long time.

Nowadays I believe that paranormal skills and abilities like this (and many others) are a human birthright. I will no longer be silenced.

If everyone started speaking up about their experiences it would become the "new normal" and the controllers who mind program us with reductionist science, fear based media and brain toxins in our food and water would start to lose their power over us.

5th April 2013, 06:00
My first one was when I was three years old and my Dad was building a house in the country. We would drive out and I would get tired and fall asleep but I loved looking around while he was driving. The one day I was tyired but did not want to stop looking around and the next thing I noticed is I was floating around in the car and I could see myself sleeping in the seat. It did not scare me so it went on for a while.

5th April 2013, 10:08
I too experienced this as a child, on occasions between the ages of 5 and 10.
It was scary at first, I'd suddenly find myself outside my bedroom floating at the top of the stairs and drifting downwards. At first I wouldn't be able to tell was I in physical form or not until I noticed I was near the ceiling height wise! I remember if I panicked I would suddenly snap back into my body in bed.

I knew it wasn't a dream and I told my mum, despite being open minded about things, she did dismiss me and I never spoke of it again.
Its only been in the past few years I've started thinking about it again as I have looked more into remote viewing abilities.

People I've read who experience it as children always seem to cease the ability around puberty, has everyone else noticed this too?