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Dennis Leahy
5th April 2013, 03:36
Sometimes when you're waiting for something big to happen, it already started - maybe even a while ago. It wasn't what you expected, your radar was mis-aimed, and you didn't see it.

Could this describe our current (April, 2013) situation?

So many of us have sensed for maybe a couple of years (at least), that something big, some huge event, some false flag, some major eruption that is energetically fast and furious (not to be confused with the "Fast & Furious" gun scandal) was about to explode.

On the other hand, most of us are aware that the process of global banking and corporate takeover, a growing police state and surveillance state (with loss of freedoms), the US imperialist march further into the Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa, and worldwide financial enslavement (and that giant, $ Quadrillion+ derivatives debt bubble), all has been slowly building over the course of years - even decades for some of it. This is, of course, the boiling frogs metaphor: turn up the heat slowly enough, and the frogs will be lulled into staying in the pot of water until it is too late.

Could it be that there is no "big event" coming at all? That they don't need one, and that we are actually disarmed and lulled into inaction (or the wrong type of action) by waiting for "the big one?" For example, can the global financial overlords play with the dials and levers behind the curtain and keep the world economy limping along for another decade or two? (I have a very hard time believing that is true, a huge collapse seems imminent... but I'm willing to admit I could be wrong, having followed the bait they threw out to distract all of us.)

Slow and insidious (boiling frogs) is VERY effective, and has little risk to them. We are quite predictable when herded; we are not nearly as predictable if there is another huge false flag.

What do they want? Everything? Maybe not. Maybe they know what the magic ratio is, maybe it is 80%/20%, and beyond that, no matter what they do, they will have too many angry and unpredictable people. Right now, 1% of humanity owns 40% of Earth's wealth (according to popular statistics - I don't know how accurate that is.) But let's say they have studied us and know that right now, they can easily take that to 60% (where 1% own 60% of everything), and we won't really try to do anything about it - as long as it is done at a slow enough pace. And, maybe they know that they need the more oppressive society to push that percentage up to where they own 80% of the world's wealth - at which time they won't risk going further, as it exponentially increases the odds of a worldwide rebellion where they could lose it all, including their heads.

A third possibility is that (like modern scientists looking at evolution occurring in spurts, with some slow change between spurts) they will punctuate the boiling frogs strategy with the occasional giant leap forward in control/ownership/wealth.

Slow and Insidious, Fast and Furious, or Both?

What are your thoughts?


Freed Fox
5th April 2013, 04:34
Hi Dennis, nice thread.

My current inclination leans toward the third possibility of which you spoke. I believe that the slow and insidious are creating the context/atmosphere under which the fast and furious will be enabled to operate, on a large scale and with minimal resistance. While these figurative climate changes are numerous and (to most of us, at least) self-evident, it is nigh impossible to predict the nature or timing of 'the big one'.

We would be best served by keeping our fears and suspicions on short leashes, for these are the means by which we are so often controlled. Germans in the 1930's feared the decline of their country and economy when they chose to embrace a certain, decorated WW1 vet as their new chancellor.

RE: inaction... this is perhaps the most complex decision we make in our current position. Any action found wanting will be, at best, derailed and swept under the rug. At worst, it will be turned into further inertia for the various executive and legislative actions which rob the common folk of their freedoms under the guise of the greater good, while its well-intentioned perpetrators are killed or imprisoned indefinitely. Privacy, for instance, is no longer considered a right but rather something worth sacrificing in order to prevent the next manifestation of the ever-elusive boogeyman.

We know that it will take radical action to counteract the vast corruption we would face in rooting out the tyrants. Even whilst typing that sentence, a small inner voice questions if I am employing hyperbole. I realize how many genuinely intelligent people would see these words as ridiculous, conspiratorial nonsense. Alas, intelligence is not always the same as awareness. For some of these intellectuals, the big picture will not come together until 'the big one drops', and there is no longer room for reasonable doubt.

The reason I am not despaired by this, is that the sanctity and refuge of the spirit still persists. They have mapped our DNA, and are currently working on mapping the brain, but they are not yet able to breach the soul. We still have control and sovereignty over that most important domain (if we choose to seize it). Of course, I do not intend to demean the importance of these earthly matters with that statement. Though, I suppose, many here might argue that our purpose here is to resist evil rather than combat it...

Limor Wolf
5th April 2013, 16:22
Dear Dennis, good analysis! I would suggest, however, that something is missing in this overall view . 'They' sure seem to succeede with us, since we tend to think that the Draco and co hold everything in their hands and the complete control is totally with them. In the grand perspective things may appears different, all their plans are part of a defense mechanism against what is about to come.

They had the ability to know of the coming change and do all they can to leave things as they are for them, they are predetors insisting to keep their hands on the prey. The situation is like a mouse being extracted from the hands of a cat. there goes the toy.. It seems that they are as much as a boiling frog as we are, It is only our perceptions that give them the illusion of power. An event seems to be coming. Maybe it's the sun that will do it's trick.

5th April 2013, 16:37
Hi Dennis, I'll just say that I cannot add to what you said, to me those are the current questions. I could be wrong, from my perspective, based on even what the MSM is pumping out, it seems more like "wait and see" time than I can ever remember in my years on this planet. Not meaning that wait and see time means inaction, each individual needs to define what "action" means to them, I've been living my action, I know it is not complete, I'm working on my next phase, and I'm sure its imperfect but its still action. Right now, my "answers" feel like "guesses", I'm throwing a wet rag at a dart board and seeing of it sticks, thats the best way I can describe it. Whats my point? I dont know.

5th April 2013, 16:40
I would say tht the idea tht we own ANYthing is a grand illusion in itself.

Everythings been taken....there are no percentages to compare. Numbers are a joke and have no bearing on whts happened...its something to keep us occupied.....

It's ALL for us.....the snake with the two sticks has no business dealing with wht IS already ours

5th April 2013, 18:13
The release of the offshore corporate and elitist banking and money laundering emails is a huge thing. 160x times more data then the wikileaks dump, apparently.

Heads will roll.

Banking will change. world finances are going to change. Bet on it. The outrage has not even had a whisper of a beginning yet.

So yes, change has begun. In just the past 48 hours. And now the rats will scurry.

6th April 2013, 01:48
Some thoughts on one topic:

World War Three is one of the hypothetical ‘big events’ that sometimes pops up – especially now with the complex crises of Syria, Iran and North Korea. For the label to be justified, such a war would notionally involve one or all of the USA, Russia and China. Even if it wasn’t called that, I think that a major war with one of these countries would be catastrophic enough that it would be just as awful as anything we might call WW3.

Personally, I don’t believe that at present any of these countries would without doubt benefit from becoming heavily involved in such a major conflict, and as such I don’t believe that the government of the USA (or of the other two countries) is trying to start WW3, as is sometimes claimed.

The USA is in such a powerful position that it can largely achieve the geopolitical outcomes it desires on an incremental basis. Yugoslavia one day, Iraq the next. Keep the wars little. This is the safest way for the USA to achieve its quasi-imperial ambitions, with a little patience Washington will generally get what it wants. Syria, I think, is a classic example. They know that if they launch an attack on Syria that is strongly against the grain, they risk starting something they cannot predict the consequences of. However, if they stick to their current covert strategy and be patient, then their objective of toppling the Syrian government is almost guaranteed to succeed. Then, they move on to the next target with one less enemy to worry about instead of facing them all at once.

Russia’s internal fragility makes it shy of becoming involved in a high entropy situation. I believe the government is nowhere near as strong as it may appear from outside countries. Further, the situation in south Russia, largely under the radar of the western media, has tragically taken on an Afghanistan-like pattern in recent years. Some progress towards stability may have been made very recently, but there is a risk that that area could become a full blown theatre of war for Islamic fascists if they sense an opportunity – and if this happens the west will virtually deliver them by helicopter to make things as bad as possible for Russia. The Russian government is not really a part of a well institutionalised political establishment - unlike the democrats in the USA or the Labour party in Britain. There is no inertia keeping it in place – a big jolt and it could all fall apart. If that happens there will be scores to be settled and it will not just be a matter of conducting an election on the fly to establish the new order.

China can’t even operate the more sophisticated elements of its military hardware properly – so they have a major tactical disadvantage until their technological savvy improves. Like any other nation they may be involved in a regional conflict – but they would avoid as far as possible any military conflict with the USA or Europe.

6th April 2013, 04:02
Wheels within wheels Dennis, cycles within cycles. You can go out into your garden and plant your beans (probably not too late) knowing that with a minimal amount of your personal attention, they will be ready for your consumption in September. You can then go back indoors, turn on the gas under your soup (as I've just done) knowing that in a couple of hours there will be a delicious meal ready. Everything operates at its' own speed. Those controlling the system know that some things need to be done with haste, while others can be left alone as time will take care of them. F'rinstance - 9/11. As I pointed out on another thread a while back, this event is now history. There are millions of human beings alive today who have no conscious recall of that day, whose belief about what happened is therefore whatever they've been taught to believe.

As for the financial system - I've been waiting nearly 30 years for it to crash !!! And I'm sure you'll agree - it has to !! The numbers simply don't add up, house prices can only go so far higher than salaries; there can only be so many students starting life with so high a level of debt before the bubble bursts. But I think one of the reasons it hasn't yet burst is the inbuilt vested interest of the participants in the game. No-one is going to be happy seeing their perceived financial security go up in smoke. This is true from the humblest peasant upto the largest country; contrary to what the MSM and some of the "alternative" media want you to believe, China is not about to cause the downfall of the dollar. Why ? Because it is in China's interest to maintain the current relationship between the dolllar and the RMB; China's business is the assembly of goods at low cost on behalf of the rest of the world. China has NO real innovative production of its' own, no businesses threatening to take global markets by storm, and a huge population that will be somewhat less than pleased if its' (relative) prosperity is threatened; a population which has had a successful bottom-up revolution within living memory.........

I agree with what Tesseract says about war, but it is still quite a volatile situation.

On a personal level, my time right now is best spent on reflection, bringing as much unconsciousness to light as possible, envisioning the new paradigm and doing the best I can to live that paradigm (sounds easy doesn't it - I wish).

6th April 2013, 16:50
Dennis Leahy wrote:

So many of us have sensed for maybe a couple of years (at least), that something big, some huge event, some false flag, some major eruption that is energetically fast and furious (not to be confused with the "Fast & Furious" gun scandal) was about to explode.
To quote Crosby, Stills & Nash - "its been a long time coming." And, at this point, its the slowest train wreck in world history.


I defer further comment to those of the experts...


turiya :cool:

bruno dante
6th April 2013, 20:35
Nice thread Dennis.

If I remember correctly, the Illuminatti claim to date back to ancient Babylon on the Fields of Shinar around 3900BC, give or take. So all this has been going on for a pretty long time;)
So in this sense, it is slow and insidious. Many of the things listed in your 3rd paragraph did indeed take decades to evolve, but weighed against the Illuminatti origins and time invested since the
beginning, a decade doesn't seem like a very long time.

However, even with all that being said, it seems obvious to me (and most here, I think) that there has been a not so inconspicuous accleration in recent years. So I would say that these
activities have slowly and insidiously evolved into a fast n furious dynamic...relatively speaking of course;)