View Full Version : The Nature of Us

6th April 2013, 00:06
Within us all are multiple aspects of personality, some expressed, some unexpressed. Some are encouraged by society, so easy to access, while some are discouraged or hidden, and so become “lost” to us, or repressed. Growth is about the re-unification of these disparate elements into a cohesive whole.

Once we have become whole, we often find there is one other person with whom we resonate so perfectly, we feel that we are two halves of a whole. This pair is often widely separated, and the “finding” process here involves the myriad thoughts and deeds that inevitably lead this couple to re-unification. Many report groups that function like this, a collective of closely related people, and when we take this concept as far as we can, it is not hard to see all of humanity as a widely scattered whole.

And so, we imagine the great game, where God (which is us), creates a great field where all the cleaved pieces could be scattered to the winds, from there to begin the long task of re-unification. The rules are simple: we know nothing, we desire to return to knowing. But (and there’s always a “but”) we are handicapped by the fact that desire without awareness is easily corrupted. A tricky game we have made, but I think we are doing pretty well now.