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6th April 2013, 17:48
This is a message we can not let slide. Our lives depend on it.

http://youtu.be/oZ20tK5R9xM (6 min. 10 sec. video)

6th April 2013, 18:26
"Seed Giants vs U.S. Farmers", a 52 page pdf....Must Read!



6th April 2013, 18:50
~that video is originally from: http://youtube.com/SayNO2GMO they specifically requested NOBODY to re-upload that video, but to support their version! ... see for yourself: http://youtu.be/mFXTEy13gIs (support THAT video please!) thnx

6th April 2013, 18:54




If you are against GMO, Rate, Fav, Comment, Share, Tweet, Facebook, Digg it:

Tell Congress to Support Labeling and Safety Testing of GE Foods! It takes less than 1 min:

GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health:
http://biolsci.org/v05p0706.htm#headi... (http://biolsci.org/v05p0706.htm#headingA11)

GMOs are killing the Bees:

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure:

Union Of Concerned Scientists have some excellent reports and resources:

Failure to Yield: their investigation into the biotechnology industry's claims that GM will produce higher yields

Gone to Seed: investigation into contamination of traditional seeds by Genetically Engineered crops:

Institute on Responsible Technology- have consumer guides to avoiding GMOs, lists of ingredients that have a high likelihood of genetic modification.

Non GMO Shopping Guide
http://nongmoshoppingguide.com/SG/Hom... (http://nongmoshoppingguide.com/SG/Home/index.cfm)

Patent for a Pig:

Killing off our farmers:

http://gmo-global-alert.net French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. Tumors, serious disorders... full-fledged slaughter. And a bomb for the GMO industry.

Toxin from GMO crops detected in Canadian Blood: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=1057 & http://goo.gl/qyRQT

william r sanford72
6th April 2013, 19:01
sure am glad this issue hasnt died and been buried....we grow no corn...we grow no soy...because of this and also the soil health has been utterly sucked dry because of the constant crop rotations and no diversity...we no longer contribute to this system.boycot em....they own a part o the goverment and then some..that route is doubtful to say the least.its now up to us.not the bought and paid for corp. we call goverment. bottem line man...good work guys!!!

6th April 2013, 19:28
Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Laws Map
April 02, 2013

The GE Food labeling Law map shows the laws in more than sixty countries regarding genetically engineered food labeling. View the PDF version below, or the interactive version here.



True Food Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GMOs
May 02, 2011

Which supermarket foods are genetically engineered? This is probably the most urgent question the public has about these novel foods. Opinion polls show that up to 90 percent of the American public wants GE foods labeled. But despite this overwhelming demand, almost no foods on U.S. grocery shelves reveal their secret, genetically engineered ingredients.

Weve seen that our government, under pressure from the biotechnology industry, has not required the labeling of GE foods. And the biotech industry does not voluntarily identify them, fearing, probably correctly, that the majority of Americans would avoid GE foods if given a choice. As a result, the U.S. public has been deprived of its right to choose whether to buy and consume these engineered foods. However, this is not the case with most of our major trading partners around the globe who have instituted mandatory labeling of all GE foods and ingredients.

This Non-GE Shopping Guide is designed to help reclaim your right to know about the foods you are buying, and help you find and avoid GMO foods and ingredients.
Download the Guide


6th April 2013, 23:42
This is an issue of vital importance to humanity - to us and our those near and dear to us and those who come after us. It is heartbreaking that so many souls are asleep, captured in the manufactured corporate matrix while the biotech corporations and agribusiness literally steal the birthright of humanity from us - our very food. And most do nothing while biotech companies go about their systematic massacre of the earth's bee population.

Remember dear friends - GMO crops DO NOT NEED BEES FOR POLINATION! Once the bees are destroyed, guess what we, the 99% we be forced to eat, if we wish to live?

I weep for the bees. They need champions. They need us.

Are we not past the stage of uploading videos and making concerned comments on activist websites, friends? I know that awareness is important but I also know that action is now essential.

How you can make a difference now!

- Speak up! When you shop, make a point of mentioning "non GMO" produce to the clerks and produce managers. I know that might be a bit uncomfortable but if only a small percentage of us started doing this regularly, it would become a mighty wave in no time at all. Every time you speak the words "where is your non-GMO produce" in a supermarket, you are saving bees.

- Speak up when you order food at restaurants. Ask if there is a "non GMO" section on the menu. In most places they will probably look at you oddly but it is a chance to spread the message.

- Write, e-mail, Facebook or tweet your elected representatives. It is free, and THEY DO LISTEN WHETHER YOU REALIZE IT OR NOT! Every time you do this you are taking on the sacred role as a spiritual warrior for Mother Gaia, the bees, and the existence of your children. This is a worthy battle, my friends.

- Plant organic foods for yourself to eat and plant flowers to provide food for bees.

Peace friends.
Awake and taking action, we have immense power.

9th April 2013, 13:57
Here is a great article

Mark Bittman April 2, 2013
Why Do G.M.O.s Need Protection?


Much love!