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6th April 2013, 20:49
I am a monocellular organism living in water, then I develop and split into pluricellular organisms feeding on monocellular ones.
Then evolution again and become on one hand : a carnivor eating a prey eaten by a super carnivor, on the other hand : the prey.
Then everyone develops : towards agressivity for the carnivor and for the super carnivor and towards an intelligence of hiding for the prey just to survive at best.
I am a fish, wounded by predator, I decide to leave the sea and evoluate on the ground.
With centuries, I develop again and become a powerfull master eaten by a super powerfull master or I am one of the billions of poor people trying to survive in a bad game of terror which terror feeds the super master.
Now, fed up to be an undervalued poor human being full of terror, I finally decide to evoluate towards the fifth dimension…

6th April 2013, 21:29
i would agree with you on that!! but not us!!! children who are born now and will be born in future will evolve upon us like we did upon those from 11th century..!!
this is the charm of evolution, small steps, great changes!!

Freed Fox
7th April 2013, 03:01
I'll go to my shelter, not far from here,
But pass on the other side; there, where everyone disappears,
They will be hunted; the wolves dance begins,
But what is prey that can not fly?
Within this evil plot, the predator is gone.