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7th April 2013, 02:49
Dear Avalonians, all: I am presuming a great deal on your collective intelligence and wisdom here to re-post AmerZo’s exquisite comments and quotes from Raf’s Changing Channels (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57819-Changing-Channels) thread. But you must, if you are paying attention (and I think you are) read carefully at least Amzer Zo's Post #33 (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57819-Changing-Channels&p=658471&viewfull=1#post658471) on that thread, quoted below. This is speaking to all of us.

Raf, thank you for taking up the baton on this.

Regarding "learning" and knowledge, there was an old Gypsy master who made this strange observation, again and again: individuals who exhibited a natural "gift" for healing others, would -- no exceptions -- lose that gift if they ever started to "learn" about anatomy or biology... makes one wonder about those spending years in medical schools...

Another aspect of any audio-visual media, as compared to printed media where imagination and discernment can take place due to a slower rate of intake, was demonstrated by the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds": instant panic.

That opened the market to tap into the "gullibles" by not leaving them any "time to think." That led to the tapping into, triggering and manipulation of the content of cultural, atavic "unconscious" and ultimately to "psyops" we, now, are bombarded with from all directions and quarters and which derailed the "Sixties."

So, here is the template for psyops:

The disaster of manufactured consent in the Matrix
by Jon Rappoport March 15, 2013

This article may seem to be about abstract theory, but it isn’t. It’s about how populations are viewed by psychological-operations specialists.

More importantly, it’s about how people are led to accept substitutes for their own highest ideals. The substitutes look like the real thing, but they’re actually very well drawn cartoons.

The most successful long-terms psyops are aimed at getting people to accept “good things, wonderful things.” Except, it turns out that these things magically evaporate and leave populations in the lurch.

Imagine for a moment that every crisis we now find ourselves in, every form of pollution and poisoning and every war and every mass destruction of life…was preceded and precipitated by…a psyop that looked like a golden destiny of fulfillment.

Okay. Let’s begin.

At some point, every intelligent human develops their own reality.

This reality isn’t usually a clear, articulated, and overall position. It tends to be a hodge-podge of linked ideas, preferences, feelings, principles, and morals.

Nevertheless, consciously and unconsciously, the person refers to it often, and uses it as a tool with which to navigate through life.

In the Matrix, there is pressure to have people connect their realities to each other. Why? Because groups can thus be created. Groups are easier to compromise than individuals.

We get the concept of hooked ideas. A hooked idea is one which will entice people to merge their realities into One. The hooked idea can be expressed as a slogan, a so-called meme, a principle. It is introduced by people who work psyops.

A psyop is a campaign to herd people into a place where their individual realities overlap.

For the propagandist, there is the eternal search for the good, better, and best hooking idea, the one that will collect the greatest possible number of people under one roof.

This has nothing to do with true progress or honest intent. It has everything to do with control.

Therefore, the actual content and substance and meaning of the hooking idea is irrelevant. A retired propaganda operative once told me, “If I could broadcast a piece of absolute gibberish from one end of the planet to the other, and have it picked up and consented to, I would do it.”

For a psyop specialist, the jackpot is a large group of hooked ideas that, taken together, change the world, and bring a billion or more people’s realities into one overlapping space.

Here is a current ongoing group of such hooked ideas. Before you read them, remember that the aim of such ideas is collecting people under AN IMITATION OF THE REAL THING.

Whatever meaning these hooked ideas have, they are not searching out people to move them into actual individual choices. No, the objective is to rope them under a fake banner that looks real.

“Help others. Help the needy. Raise up the needy. We’re all in this together. Greatest good. Greatest good for the greatest number. Humanity as one. Peace. Let’s all cooperate. The human family…”

This is only a partial list of the group of hooked ideas.

These ideas are transmitted to the global population through every means possible: ads, public service announcements, political speeches, movies, articles, books, the news, television shows of every type, the education system. It’s a blitz, and it doesn’t stop. All the angles are played.

The psyop calculation runs this way: the majority of people who buy in and connect their realities to other people’s realities and achieve overlap—will go passive and accept “the new humane society.” All these people are complete pawns.

The sector of people who buy in and thus share realities, collectively, and then DO something about it…these people will follow a prescribed path. They’ll join the approved groups and campaign for the chosen causes. They’re dupes.

The very small fraction of people who buy into the group of hooked ideas and think of them as genuine and real, and also DO something genuine and real and good about it, will create a manageable amount of disruption to the scheme and the objective—which by the way is a completely collectivist planet. The operative word here is “manageable.”

This same retired propaganda operative, who goes by the pseudonym of Ellis Medavoy (I interview him 28 times in one section of my collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED), explained this “psyop calculation”:

“The target of a terrific psyop is yearning and longing. That’s what I looked for when I was working: what people long and yearn for. Something unformed and undefined but very powerful. That’s what I wanted to tap into.

“If I could tap into that, people would buy in and surrender a significant part of whatever their personal world looks like. Because they want to believe they’re coming together with like-minded others. They’ll also believe the path laid out for them is correct and proper and wonderful. This is really a fake religion we’re talking about.

“A fake religion. It’s really for children, and most people turn out to be children. Give them a group of high-minded ideas, and they’ll grab on and think everything they’ve done up to that moment is a prelude to THIS.

“We [operatives] are playing a symphony, you see, and once they listen to the prelude, they’re hooked. They stay. They long for the climax, which doesn’t exist; not the way they imagine it. To them it’s all about ‘arrival in the promised land,’ as if that’s some kind of gift that’s wrapped up under the tree, waiting to be opened.

“We give them a fake god, a dead-end god. If they were once burning with authentic faith, we derail that and take them to another place…”

In truth, there is no such thing as the sum of all personal realities. That concept is a delusion that is foisted on people.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, each person has their own reality. It may be a hodge-podge, it may be borrowed to some degree, but it IS the reality of the individual. Each person has the opportunity, if he takes it, to expand that reality and make it more profound, on his own terms.

But once he becomes mesmerized by the notion of overlapping his reality with others, he’s in a whole different pew.

Here is another very important distinction: you and I and others could, for example, decide to start a business. We could cooperate in this new enterprise. We could decide on common objectives. We could be inspired to a tremendous degree. But we are still—each of us—carrying along our individual realities. That’s what gives us our core individual strength. That’s what allows us to contribute to the group.

And we’re aware of what we’re doing. We’re choosing to do it.

That’s quite different from falling under the sway of a psyop. That’s quite different from buying into hooked ideas on a emotional level. That’s quite different from accepting the generalized idea of an emotional and spiritual merger of our personal realities.

In the latter case, what is happening is the supreme irony: people are buying the idea that their freedom actually equals their merging.

It is exactly this “merging” that obsessed technocrats are proposing. They see it in terms of humans and machines “coming together.” This is their envisioned promised land. The ability to instantly access trillions of pieces of information and do lightning-speed calculation and organize that information in countless ways is their version of personal revelation.

It’s their fake religion.

Humans and machines as One is, if you examine it, the sacrifice of personal reality.
Of course, technocrats don’t see it that way. But that’s what they’re doing.
Information is only one component of personal reality—and they’re blowing that up into a god.

There is a sequence at work here. First, with the development of the computer, people could search and find information. Now, they can have computers anticipate what the desired information is and provide it. Finally, people will be given—quite apart from their desires—the information they require, as adjudicated by experts.

This has less and less to do with personal reality.

Manufactured consent in the Matrix is a bit of a misnomer. Manufactured consent IS the Matrix, at the most profound level.

Whatever a person has as his personal reality is something to build on. You might say it’s the engine by which he can set sail and voyage. And during his personally navigated voyage, he enlarges and changes his personal reality. It becomes more powerful. It becomes more a matter of imagination and a life lived through and by imagination.

In this light, cooperation with others takes on a whole new meaning. The longing and obsession to overlap his reality with that of others fades in importance.

His immunity to hooked ideas becomes stronger.

The very notion of what personal reality is changes. It is no longer simply a fixed configuration set in concrete.

The psyop is aimed at disintegrating the personal voyage.

It is aimed at flattening the emotions and shortening the perspective and short-circuiting the fire in the soul.

Hooked ideas and manufacturing consent and overlapping realities and merging are the tools used to deaden life and invent the collective future.

In that future, each person becomes a mirror that reflects every other person. And it turns out that there is no substance at all in the trillions of rebounding reflections.

The endless overlapping deletes all content.

Personal reality and the personal voyage are the WAKING UP that breaks the trance.

A great deal of history of the human race, littered as it is with suffering and pain and war and hunger, was produced by competing psyops.

Each side was utterly convinced that its ideals were superior. What neither side realized was that everybody, on all sides, was accepting a psyop substitute of their own personal reality. That was the big switch.

Each person on each side had bought into a hooking idea that looked so good and so right and so wonderful.

And each person was operating on a false basis. Each person had, without noticing it, misplaced his own personal reality.

You could accurately write, on many gravestones: “I died for a psyop.”

In this day and age, political leaders have entirely given up the notion of personal reality, if they even understand what it means. For them, it’s all about psyop, because they are thinking about mass and number and population. They are looking for central hooking ideas—the very best they can find—and how to express them and transmit them as convincingly as possible.

The major differences between these leaders are to be found in how well they function as mouthpieces for hooking ideas.

Freedom? Democracy? The will of the people? A better future for all? Equality? Justice? These are merely concepts in search of ways to run psyops.

Jon Rappoport
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7th April 2013, 04:12
I found Rahkyt's post #24 here:
also helps complete the panorama...
Considering and comprehending all these perspectives provides a helpful compass, imho.

Rahkyt wrote:

We interpret everything that we read through the lens of our own experiences. I personally find this message commiserate with much else that is currently being said and that has been put forth over quite some time now, some with corresponding visible change and others less apparent, yet potentially energetically accessible.

Outside of the subjectivity of date-ranges and predictive purposes, the general message of the channelings remains the same. There is a change that has arrived and we had all better be ready.

The specifics vary and accord with certain agendas, be they planetary, extra-planetary or ultradimensional, and these agendas receive human resonance and agreement based upon the orientation of the people involved.

Not everybody here is at the same place, is on the same team and is seeking the same outcome. These messages are designed for those who are on the 'teams' and for those who are not it is obvious and apparent that the message was not meant for nor designed for them. But what cannot be denied is that change is here. Be it in regards to Space Weather, economic and political changes, a shift in consciousness, an evolution of biology, the indicators are clear that things are no longer as they were and that there is some cause for it. The causes proffered through the channelers are explanations particular to those volunteer souls, starseeds or earth-bound spirits cognizant at an energetic level of what is going on all around us but that is still, apparently, unfelt or un-sensed by many, even among the Awake and the Aware.

There are those among us who live in a reality where they are fighting ultradimensional forces on the daily and they don't have the time to argue with people in forums about the reality of what they experience every day. There are also those among us who are energetically working with Gaia herself, who are dealing with the Grids, who are working on the symbols and archetypes and the remaining aspects of the control matrix that continue to have an effect upon mass humanity at the sub-conscious level. There are energy workers, psychics and mediums who are well-aware of the nature of multi-dimensional reality, who deal with ghosts and non-corporeal entities that have never been em-bodied, who work with Angels and some on another side with Demons, who have to deal with the ramifications and repercussions of the effects that reverbrate through corded individuals in a seemingly endless series of psychic and emotional traumas, that course through lives, kin-groups, collectives until one individual with awareness stops the chain-reaction with their own decision to cut the cord and seek a different way.

These are the energetic realities that some deal with and others continue to argue does not even exist.

And, since it is, that must be because it is supposed to be. Some folks won't believe anything until it is right in front of their eyes. And this mindset will continue until the changes affect and are visible in each of our lives, all around us. Still, many will not believe really in extraterrestrials until they see the ships in the sky, and even then, some will consider them Nazis or holograms.

It's human nature to have contrarians and flat-earthers mixed in with the optimistic and multi-dimensioners. And, it is all good, because it is good to question up until the point where the questioning becomes infected by fear and then becomes an avenue of archonic inner-compromise that is then projected back into the collective, resulting in more drama, unnecessary but seemingly the very stuff of life for those engaged thereby. What it is indicative of at the individual level is much more interesting, to me, in regards to orientation and the world that we envision individually and collectively.