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7th April 2013, 06:02


Back from the Dead

April 05, 2013

“New York researchers are bringing people back to life hours after they pass. And it could change our definition of what ‘dying’ really is.”

From The New York Post. By Maureen Callahan

Early one afternoon in August 2009, Joe Tiralosi, a 57-year-old professional driver in excellent health, began sweating profusely. He wasn’t alarmed, though — it was, after all, summer in New York City. Tiralosi had just pulled out of a car wash and was heading home to Brooklyn, so he cranked up the air conditioning and figured he’d be fine.

One hour later, Tiralosi was so weak that he felt incapable of driving the car one more block. A colleague found Tiralosi slumped in his car at Second Avenue and 80th Street and rushed him to New York-Presbyterian, where Tiralosi collapsed and died. He’d suffered cardiac arrest.

CPR was performed, but after 10 minutes, doctors still couldn’t get a pulse — and 10 minutes has, for decades, been the metric in medicine. A patient who cannot be revived in that time frame has the potential to suffer massive brain damage, but in Tiralosi’s case, doctors kept at it.

After 20 minutes, they still couldn’t get a pulse. At this point, it’s up to the individual doctor whether to keep going. Tiralosi’s did, even after half an hour had passed, after his heart had been shocked six times. In fact, they kept going after 40 minutes — way past what modern medicine considers viable.

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“Death itself we can reverse,” says Dr. Sam Parnia, director of resuscitation research at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. “We have the scientific means.”

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Less than three weeks later, Joe Tiralosi walked out of the hospital and back to his old life in Brooklyn, to his wife and his job, not a thing wrong with him physically or cognitively. And he is just one of thousands who, in recent years, have been dead for unprecedented lengths of time — two, three, five hours — and brought back to life, healthy and whole.

“Death itself we can reverse,” says Dr. Sam Parnia, director of resuscitation research at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. “We have the scientific means.”

With Josh Young, Parnia has just published an astonishing new book called Erasing Death: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death (HarperOne).

The implications are as revolutionary as the discovery of fire and electricity, the invention of aviation and manned space flight, the A-bomb and the Internet.

“For millennia, we couldn’t do anything when someone stopped breathing,” he says. “Now, we’re almost having to redefine the way we think about death.”

The science is still in its infancy, and successful resuscitation requires two non-negotiables: a treatable underlying cause of death, such as a clogged artery or fluid in the lungs, and a body that has been cooled, either naturally or artificially. It’s the cooling that retards cell death in the body and the brain, protecting against cognitive impairment.

7th April 2013, 06:29
Ask a doctor or nurse if they have a DNR (do not resuscitate) sign in their medical history- many, maybe even most, do. This is because the prognosis is not good for such patients. Mr Tiralosi was very lucky, probably because he had had excellent health before the cardiac arrest, and as the doctor said, all the various conditions were there for an optimum result. Meanwhile many people are left cognitively impaired at the very least or in a vegetative state at worst. Hopefully such treatment will improve, but until it does I am leaving the DNR on my own records.

7th April 2013, 09:33
Advanced Health Directive maybe a better option?

What I found interesting was the need to chill! Reminds me of those people falling into freezing water and still be alive 30-40 mins later without breathing.

Nick Matkin
7th April 2013, 10:45
This isn't the whole story...

Dr. Sam Parnia was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 'Saturday Live' programme 30 March. Very interesting, scientific, sensible, non-sensationalist discussion ensued. The interviewer eventually asked the question: "What have people told you about that period when they are 'dead'?"

All the usual cross-cultural stuff about a feeling of peace, seeing a light, dead relatives, being in a beautiful place, etc. Yes, that could all be caused by the brain dying, and may eventually fade to nothing. BUT, Parnia seems to have analysed the reports, and the stuff that suggests something else is going on is the fact that people report seeing/hearing things in the medical room they could not have experienced, often from above the action.

I know this is not new information. But let's face it, a dying brain could temporarily generate all sorts of feelings/sounds/images before it actually dies, then nothing, zilch. But actually experiencing things outside the body suggests there is a lot more to this than the brain just doing stuff in its death throws.

What I haven't seen yet is a percentages of who reports these experiences and who doesn't. And what are the differences between the two? So far it kind of suggests some people just die and don't 'go on' and others do 'go on' after death.


7th April 2013, 11:09
Dr Eben Alexander is one of the most convincing NDE in that he was a Neuro Surgeon before the event happened to him.
He is clear that the state he was in and what he experienced was genune as opposed to a dyin brain hallucination.
Regards Chris


Poly Hedra
7th April 2013, 11:59
This woman was dead for 45 minutes. I've seen that interview with the neurosurgeon. It definitely rules out the brain hallucinating theory.

7th April 2013, 20:54
I have read the Neurosurgeon book - it is interesting. I feel that it does not matter if the cerebral cortex is not working - that in itself is not proof enough that the person is dead physically - if any part of the physical body is still alive/working there is always the possibility that something physical is allowing the experience of vision, hearing, touching, smelling etc. to happen within the body itself, as a so called out of body experience or near death experience.

So what I am saying is the neurosurgeon puts forward a claim that because such and such was not working due to measurements on some device, is not 100% proof that a non-physical existence exists beyond the physical body.

The body was still alive in the neurosurgeons case, cells were still functioning somewhere in the body - until those cells stop living - breathing and using glucose - it cannot be said that we have a non-physical existence beyond the physical body.

It does appear that a person can experience seemingly different dimensions populated with other seemingly separate entities and experience the exchange of information back and forth from said entities within these seemingly different dimensions WHILE CELLS IN THE PHYSICAL BODY SOMEWHERE ARE STILL USING OXYGEN AND GLUCOSE!

What would be MORE INTERESTING is for the person to state:

When they will physical die? e.g. in a couple of weeks for convenience.

And predict the exact day, place, and name of parents to which they will be born to after their death?

...say only a week after they die they get reborn - for convenience again!

and then for that child to be able to answer a questionnaire perfectly

- the questionnaire having been prepared by the deceased - which was designed specifically to ask questions that only the deceased would know.

All under super strict supervision to make sure there is no cheating! (see comments at end about Tibetan Buddhists)

That would seem to suggest some kind of continuation of memory from body to body. Which is essentially what people crave to believe in - hence the notion of a soul - a body of information (considered to be them/the person) transferable from body to body or from body to light body to spirit body etc. etc.

- which is what people want to feel as they are frightened of never existing again.

People are potentially only data/information in the form of what they call memory - their ego (fear boundary) does not like to think of themselves as such - especially as information/data seems so fragile in this physical world. lol

Data can be copied, mixed, expanded, and deleted.

P.S. Don't mention the Tibetan Buddhist's with their proclaimed ability to find reincarnation people - it is severely flawed and can easily be manipulated - so that a rich ruling elite in the guise of spirituality can maintain their control over all the wealth and power. Time to wake up! The Dalai Lama is bought and paid for.

7th April 2013, 21:16
It is too easy for us to be deceived about the reasons for our existence. Those with more knowledge can always deceive or cheat those with less knowledge.

Until we have absolute knowledge of where or how we were created physically and non-physically, there is always the chance/possibility that we are expendable.

It would be in the interest of the slave master to design a virtual experience within the body that allows for the illusion that one has a future beyond the death of the physical body

- as this would inspire people to stay alive an be productive (gives them reason to put up with this painful experience - emotionally e.g. fathers dying on children and physically e.g. cancer etc.)

- it would also make people behave better while alive (from a government perspective)

- as the thought that their bad deeds will be punished at some point after death in a spirit world or in a reincarnated physical body may be a deterrent from behaving badly e.g. protesting and refusing to comply with government slavery.

A big suggestion that we are not as special as we may think we are...

is the fact that we don't have our own unlimited power source within us.

We have to eat other beings to stay alive.

We cannot say we are in full control of ourselves when something beyond our knowledge places us in a situation whereby the physical body will die if we don't kill other beings in order to feed it.

If the physical body had its own power source from within and was self sustaining and did not depend on anything outside of it to exist then, that would be a start at suggesting we may have potential for immortality

- at least in the physical.

But lets face it we don't have our own power source

and yet the fear of being insignificant

ignites our ego to be romanced by grandiose ideas

about how we live on without our physical bodies.

It we cannot maintain our physical bodies why would we assume that we could maintain any other form of ourselves?

It is too convenient and contrived to just say we can maintain another form of ourselves after the death of the physical body

- especially since once the physical body dies....

we have no way of testing the truth of such a statement

- hence all actual knowledge is impossible!

We enter the world of speculation, imagination and faith.

If one does not know it is best to admit one does not know.

But it is still good to speculate, imagine and perhaps have faith provided one admits that they don't know and that they are just speculating, imagining and generating a good feeling from wanting to have faith in something

- perhaps that way we could avoid being manipulated into killing each other over speculation, imagination, and one's faith.