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7th April 2013, 14:09
Hi everybody, I have not posted much for the time that I have join project Avalon and the reason is I don't want to add anymore to the report of disasters or financial breakdown that is looming in our near future! Instead I want to tell you about what we can do if any of this was to happen and I found that there are movements and groups forming with the idea of sustainable energy and agriculture. I live in Western Ma in the Franklin County area and there is a group which I found out started 7yrs ago it is called Greening Greenfield. I went to a conference they were holding yesterday at the community college and it was fascinating, 4 areas were discussed: education, energy and transportation, agriculture and permaculture and healthcare. The Title of the conference was "Creating Greenfield's Future: vision for 2050. The goal is to have the all region become completely self sufficient by 2050.

Education: was presented by a teaching of a local charter's school: main topic: remove the walls of the class room and emphasize field trip and onsite learning, developing critical and creative thinking in youth. Education need to change because the world is changing interesting book on the topic: Daniel Pink's "six sens"

Energy and infrastructures: instead of having everyone getting their own solar panel why not share? having an area were the energy would be accumulated from the sun and stored underground and share to many houses, bringing back the rail-car for everyone to use, having monorails for faraway towns.

Healthcare: recognizing the need of the community, presently we have all a price tag on our heads from the view of present healthcare. By recognizing the need of the communities then making them the focus of healthcare.

Agriculture and permaculture: Everyone would be fed by the local farms with fresh organically grown foods. Permaculture to be used to decrease the need for deforestation.

All of those topic were presented in a very professional manner by very educated and aware representative of the community.

Here are some website for this growing movement:
GreeningGreenfield.org (this site is down curiously after advertising for a coming workshop :" Democracy School " which is supposed to teach people our to legally work to bend big corporation rules).

The Creating The Future movement is presently spreading in different states here in the US.

I hope this can inspire a lot of you, because it certainly did that with me!

8th April 2013, 01:27
Wow ! This is how it should be, local groups empowering themselves AND their children. Thanks

8th April 2013, 18:00
awesome, i really would love to be a part of something like that in my community. :) koodos to you and your group doing this. :):)