View Full Version : Near Death Experiencer Nanci Danison - The Creation of the Universe and Humanity

8th April 2013, 18:47

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8th April 2013, 20:51
Absoluetly excellent!! Nancy explanes all and Source, so well!!!

This is why, when I blow up the Universe, IT can bring it all back so quickly.

IT just does it from memory, because IT is all, and all is IT.

And we are all IT. IT is us, and us are IT, and we are one.

YEP!!! :wizard::wizard::wizard:

8th April 2013, 21:06
I have ordered the book.
"Backward beliefs"

9th April 2013, 01:12

9th April 2013, 17:36
Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I could not stop reading it! It resonated very much with the Marshall Vian Summers and Edgar Cayce information.

I find reading such accounts inspirational. Life is sometimes so noisy - information being rammed at you on every level - that it's challenging to remember that there's something more out there, or more precisely, within. Taking the time to read accounts like this provides much needed respite.

9th April 2013, 18:52

9th April 2013, 21:25
Source creates the inherent evolutionary processes that ultimately result in an ever-unfolding wealth of physical matter delights.

Nice to know this source chap is delighted by our experiences..............

I could know an entirely different aspect of myself--how I react to the conflicts, how I resolve them, how they affect my emotions.

Uhhhh Uummmm--clears throat ...

Dear Source,
do u suppose u got the gist of it yet? Because although, from wht u said,
"Source's natural form, however, more closely resembles an immense field of intensely charged energy - Source Energy." and u are not really all "here" i can tell u first hand there are ALOT OF YOUR PIECES who seem to have had enough of the conflicts and emotional turmoil over and over and over, again..in wht is it tht u say? in different forms many lives!? So you think youll be wrapping up this emotional conflict debacle any time soon, and perhaps give us ALL something delightful to experience??

I hope it has been a very delightful run for you,

Sincerely, one of the pieces within your mind