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8th April 2013, 18:54
Wikileaks just released an new dump of classified information , 1.7 million documents, which Julian Assange calls "“the single most significant geopolitical publication that has ever existed.”

Somehow I believe him, although I really don't understand exactly what "Project K" is at this point. I have this sneaky little suspicion that this is going to shake things up.

‘Who controls the past controls the future’: Assange presents massive Project K leak (http://on.rt.com/3ljhfx)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange formally unveiled on Monday the latest release from the whistleblower site, Project K, calling it “the single most significant geopolitical publication that has ever existed.”

Speaking via Skype from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Assange introduced Project K on Monday morning to a group of journalists at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Nearly three years earlier to the day, Assange spoke at the Press Club in person to debut “Collateral Murder,” a video of US soldiers firing at Iraqi civilians that has since become one of WikiLeaks’ most well-recognized contributions to journalism. Since that release, WikiLeaks and the organization’s associates have become the target of a number of government investigations, with Assange himself having been confined to the embassy in London for nearly one year while awaiting safe passage to Ecuador where he was granted political asylum. Ongoing attempts to prosecute the journalists for sharing state secrets aside, however, Assange and company have now unloaded the organization’s biggest leak yet.

Project K, says Assange, contains roughly 1.7 million files composed of US Department of State diplomatic communications. And although the material has been classified, declassified and, in some instances, re-classified, the public’s inability to access and peruse the unredacted copies has made them nearly inaccessible.

“One form of secrecy is the complexity and the accessibility of documents,” WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson said during Monday’s event. “You could say that the government cannot be trusted with these documents.”

"He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past,” Assange chimed in using his webcam in London to quote from George Orwell’s novel 1984.

“The US administration cannot be trusted with its control of its past,” he said. “That is the result of this information being hidden by secrecy, but more often being hidden in the borderline between secrecy and complexity.”

The 1.7 million cables released on Monday span the period of time between 1973 and 1976 when Henry Kissinger sat at the head the State Department under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. WikiLeaks has now combined their latest files with the previously-released State Department diplomatic cables that they published starting in 2010 after US Army Private first class Bradley Manning gained access to military intelligence servers and sent over 250,000 documents to the site, along with “Collateral Murder” and a trove of other documents.

By combining the earlier State Dept. memos with the new collection of Kissinger cables, Assange says WikiLeaks has created a database that gives journalists unprecedented access to roughly 2 million documents that paint a unique picture of the United States’ relationships with foreign nations during a number of presidential administrations.

That infrastructure, dubbed the WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD), “is what Google should be like,” Assange said.

“This is a search system that investigative journalists can use effectively,” he said.

With the publishing of the State Dept. cables credited to Pfc. Manning, WikiLeaks previously brought to the public periphery a tome of material that largely focuses on US foreign policy at the dawn of the twenty-first century. The Kissinger cables though, said Assange, reveals a multitude about the US and other nations during a time when western society as we know it today really began to take form.

“The period of the 1970s in diplomacy is referred to as the ‘Big Bang.’ This is when the modern international order came to be,” Assange said at the press conference. “There is really only two periods: post-World War Two and the 1970s.”

During the ‘70s, vast decolonization caused the number of countries on the planet to go from only 104 to roughly 160. “To understand all of that complexity, the US State Dept. put together a system to harvest intelligence from its diplomats across the world,” Assange said of Project K.

Today, he added, the White House has “more direct control of the periphery.” During the 70s, however, “the relationship between ambassadors and their host government was more essential.” Project K helps shine a light on exactly how those interactions played out during a time when the Vietnam conflict, Watergate and the Cold War warranted the US to embark in a number of conversations with persons of all affiliations around the world.

“The United States makes a priority gaining influence and contacts and informants within opposition movements. Partly in order to corrupt them, partly in order to have bets on both the lead horse and the second in case there is a transition of power,” he said. But while American interest in the Soviet Union was largely a focal point of the US during the 1970s as one might expect, Assange said that the “titanic struggle” between the two bodies represents only a small sampling of the State Department’s interests during that time. The Kissinger Cables, at roughly one billion words, show that the US “is essentially checking the activity and inactivity of other empires,” said Assange. France, Spain, the UK, Australia and Sweden are all discussed in length in the cables, and even politicians still relevant today make appearances.

“Margaret Thatcher died last night and of course there is a great many cables about her,” said Assange, who put the figure of memos relating to the recently passed former prime minister at around 400.

Kissinger, who is alive and active today, is referenced in over 200,000 individual documents included in the trove. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt — a critic of the whistleblower site and today the nation’s foreign minister — also makes a number of appearances in Project K as well.

Speaking to RT at the conference, Hrafnsson said that neither Kissinger nor the current Department of State has yet to respond to the leak — nor does he expect them to. On his part, however, Assange told RT that any formal federal investigation into this project will likely not dwell on any damages spawned by the leak, but instead will focus on how his organization managed to take 1.7 million documents and reverse engineer them in order to publish them in the public domain.

“Essentially,” said Assange, it’s “what Aaron Swartz was doing.”

“If the Department of Justice was to go after us for this release like they are attempting to prosecute us for previous releases involving US embassies documents, the approach would probably be along the lines of the approach that was taken was Swartz,” said Assange, “which is the sort of manner of acquisition as opposed to the classification for the matter.”

Hrafnsson said that WikiLeaks has been working on Project K and the PlusD database for roughly one year.

8th April 2013, 19:15
Sounds to me like Project K is his nomenclature for the documents he's leaking, essentially calling it Project K, due to the fact that Kissinger features in many of them.

8th April 2013, 19:45
In his latest newsletter (http://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/benjamin-fulford-sabbatean-mafia-plans-to-stage-nuclear-terror-blame-north-korea/) Benjamin Fulford relates to this as an attack.

The other big agency attack against the Sabbateans took the form of a release by the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,” of the names of holders of offshore bank accounts worth $32 trillion dollars (over twice the US GDP). Before the website was taken down and put up again in sanitized form, it released the details of accounts held by people like Barak Obama, Tony Blair, the Governor of the Bank of England, Hillary Clinton etc. For example, the Obama offshore account totals $30 billion and is held under the name Henry Ansbacher.

Another attack was the release by Wikileaks of millions of documents linked to arch-cabalist Henry Kissinger including such juicy Kissinger quotes as “the illegal we do overnight, the unconstitutional takes longer.”

The financial attack on the cabal is also intensifying. The widely reported physical gold shortages, such as the line ups at gold outlets in Thailand, are being caused by cabalists desperately trying to use their fiat paper currencies to buy physical gold. In the case of Thailand, the Saudi Royal family and their buddies the Bushes are working with Japanese crime syndicates to buy Thai and Persian royal family gold.

I believe it another PTB attack as well.
Some truth in it enough to divert our attention from the real happening.

9th April 2013, 02:05
Kryztian wrote: (in part)

Wikileaks just released an new dump of classified information , 1.7 million documents, which Julian Assange calls "“the single most significant geopolitical publication that has ever existed.”
Somehow I believe him, although I really don't understand exactly what "Project K" is at this point. I have this sneaky little suspicion that this is going to shake things up.

With all due respect, I would suggest a bit of skepticism in buying whatever Wikileaks has to sell...

The Corbett Report, from the first Wikileaks dump...


Webster Tarpley
Webster points out that Assange is in fervent opposition to 9/11 truthers. This in itself should cause one to question: "what's up with that?". Add in the Ben Laurie/Google/In-Q-Tel/CIA/NSA/George Soros connection...


In-Q-Tel & Google Connection with Ben Laurie (a Wikileaks Advisory Board member)
Certainly the following vid shows no direct connect between In-Q-Tel & Wikileaks, but the indirect connection should be enough to warrant a healthy skepticism when it comes to the matter of Julian Assange & Wikileaks dumps.


Just my 2 cents...
turiya :cool:

9th April 2013, 14:16
We have to query all types of sources even on here , but Assange is doing
a good job holed up in the embassy and encouraging all to question what
we are told, and more importantly what we are not told.


Published on 8 Apr 2013

On Monday, WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange released a series of 1.7 million
files showcasing the communications of the US Department of State between 1973
and 1976. According to Assange, the documents will give journalists insight into the
US' political goal at that time and highlights Henry Kissinger's communications with
foreign governments. So what does this new leak mean and why are they so
important? WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson explains why they went
public on WikiLeaks.


'Kissinger Cables': Wikileaks unveils US foreign policy 'database' of docs


Published on 8 Apr 2013

WikiLeaks is holding a press conference in Washington - following the publication of
an unprecedented number of US diplomatic records. Most of the documents were
reportedly obtained by the site's founder - Julian Assange - who's been holed up in
the Ecuadorian embassy in London since last June.

Positive Vibe Merchant
9th April 2013, 23:14
Whether it is disinfo or not, it is up to us individually and collectively with out informed and investigative minds as to how possible this stuff is and which bin to throw it in.