View Full Version : Developing a rationale to clarify a friend and influencing unknown.

10th April 2013, 14:55
Dear friends.
In my first post, I want to make clear that it is an honor to participate in this forum in the company so honored.

On several occasions, I found myself drifting in for the clarification and reasoning or argument in varied subjects of the phenomenon of people AWAKENING.
It was as if I was actually talking to these people.
But with the advantage of being able to reshape the dialogue appeared when the possibility of improving the reasoning.
Then suddenly I changed my intention to convince me that thought it was a waste of time, energy and emotional brain.
Believe me, there were few times.
But today, after another occurrence, along with the change of intention, it occurred to me a new message.
If the electromagnetic energy generated from these thoughts and eventually celebrate in union with my heart, is spreading around my radius, so that means I'm not wasting time and energy, unlike the previous perception.
My reasoning makes sense that the generation of complex thoughts with intent to clarify key points and key on large puzzles, can reach people with similar frequencies and vibrations and possibilities of capturing them?

Thank you for your attention.
Brazilian Wander.

10th April 2013, 16:37
Welcome to Avalon! What you are perceiving is the synchronization to the global consciousness and your innate ability to guide others along their puzzle path.

william r sanford72
10th April 2013, 16:48
and so the ranks grow ever larger and the light brighter....welcome naste.