View Full Version : Decipher this, Ancient African Stone Symbol Language.

10th April 2013, 18:18
This post is a mix of Fun and interest.
As far as I know this symbol language is found in just one publication.
Hopefully some of you will try to find the message here and maybe add more information regarding this African Stone Age Language...


If you already totally know the Publication and so the symbols just add a I
'Totally know 'reply Please
If it' proves to hard ill add a clue
Depending on visits ill post the full message later ;)

10th April 2013, 19:14
Lost in translation?

11th April 2013, 00:07
What do you mean Lifebringer? Hi BTW :)

11th April 2013, 00:22
I like the symbol for David Icke the most. :confused:

11th April 2013, 00:30
Did you guess, it's a Lion. the passage reads "Shout Out Lion david Icke and beings like you" Lion his a favorite animal of his..