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10th April 2013, 18:42
I watched the Awake & Aware Panel Discussion, last night, and was excited to possibly hear new information from Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann. Unfortunately, Art (as he asked to be referred to) didn't say much during the discussion. Of all the speakers on the panel, it seems that Art would likely have the most interesting, reliable & first-hand "inside intel".

Art did refer to 4 hours worth of information he had prepared, which I'm assuming he gave during another portion of the conference.

Did anyone see Art's presentation, whether at the conference or on the livestream, who can report on what he had to say?

Also, does anyone know if Bill has been in contact with Arthur? Perhaps he has something to add re Art resurfacing and being willing to speak-out, again.


15th April 2013, 16:55
Before spending money on this conference's DVDs, etc., I listened to the panel discussion which was available free on YouTube. The sound quality was so unbearably poor that I am unwilling to spend money on Art's presentation.

15th April 2013, 19:22
the audio for Art's presentation is fine .. suggest you also listen to Preston .. both had important things to say .. as usual use a discerning ear .. ;)

15th April 2013, 19:37
Yes, I did not understand this pass around mic amongst the speakers on the conference. Usually, everyone has a mic in front of him, it solves the problem, unless it is much too expensive to install prior.

The sound is always unbearable with most of what Kelly does, I do not understand this.

15th April 2013, 22:13
Yes, I did not understand this pass around mic amongst the speakers on the conference. Usually, everyone has a mic in front of him, it solves the problem, unless it is much too expensive to install prior.

The sound is always unbearable with most of what Kelly does, I do not understand this.

i think we need to be grateful these conferences happen at all ...

my logic / argument:
- Kerry works on a shoe string budget. ie. if you take the amount of $$ spent on an typical underwear advert it would probably finance Kerry for the next 5 years.
- a lot of the speakers actually helped out and some offered equipment
- all the help she gets are mainly volunteers (lotsa spirit). event co-ordinators, project managers, engineers give a higher quality experience but come at a $$.
- it's a leap of faith knowing how much expenditure you can take-on (ie. additional audio equipment) vs how much revenue (paying customers) you will receive. sometimes the books just don't balance
- the venue took their $7k rental fee and close the doors when your time is up, irrelevant weather the venue is in use afterwards or not. this created unnecessary & constant time pressure (i know this put a couple of speakers into a speed wobble, Art especially)
- there may not be another awake and aware for a long time.
- i think Art and Preston (for those more technically inclined) presented invaluable information
- we should continue to support kerry .. she wont be around forever.

Freed Fox
15th April 2013, 22:26
Well, typically the venue provides microphones (if it's worth a damn). I was a performing musician for awhile and that was the case more often than not. Although bothersome, I wouldn't blame Kerry or any of the other speakers for that deficiency.

Aurelius, would you care to summarize what Art presented, even a brief synopsis of the key points? It would be appreciated. :)

16th April 2013, 02:09
Here’s a summary of some bits:
ps. Pay per view is $5
- everyone was asked to submit their questions to Art beforehand, he then went through each one and answered accordingly (after his brief presentation)
- there is a positive side to what people call the negative (bad side) .. you need to have both (good and bad) for contrast and also to even see the reality we are in
- use critical thinking and your heart to know what information to believe
- don't believe any info on the net related to Art, or any claims that Art supports / endorses info, unless it comes directly from him eg. living on an island in Malaysia is BS. Comment: He was referring to an issue somewhere, where claims were made he endorsed certain info, I’m not aware of that he was referring to.
- he has no connection with Basiago at all (though he didn't mention him by name)
- there are language limitations and definition issues when talking about past, present, future as they are all the same thing (space time)
- time is a unit of measure, it is not constant, not linear and varies a lot. Your higher mind can see time more objectively that you can with your timepiece (clock). From your frame of reference all the variables listed above are at play.
-enjoy reality, you created it for your enjoyment, have bliss
- referenced this link: http://www.sonic.net/bernard/saturn.html
- spoke about what a typical day involved in getting from the entrance of the facility he worked at, through all the security checks, to his office, and then to “the corridor” (aka jumproom) to get to mars.
- spoke about how "the corridor" looked .. referenced a video game snip as an example
- spoke about what it is like on mars, described people around the table during meetings, the canteen, looking out the window, what the sky looked like, gravity, temperature etc.
- spoke about how they communicated telepathically, what it felt like, how someone who was not good at it would be understood and responded to
- when he went to mars phobos was not there. was he there in the past? future? he did however confirm it was the same dimension/reality as ours on earth.
- he agreed with some of the info provided by Bashar (chap channelling an alien from the future)
- "your now moment" is a cloud of probabilities, you decide what it's going to be, you are constantly selecting "your now" from a cloud of probabilities, it becomes your now for a split second then the process repeats. fear / fear mongering will bring what you expect. Don’t do fear. follow your bliss.
- he found being around aliens (that look just like humans) an uplifting experience
- your culture, beliefs, environment all strongly effect how you see things (as in what you can't see!!), how you perceive things (as in what you can't perceive!!) and how you conceptualize the reality around you. Some cultures have no reference to temporal time in their language or as a concept. That is the way it actually is, and that is how they are able to see things the other cultures cannot.
- you travel space and time with your mind, and also with your physical body, though the physical body is formed from the mind
- you are in charge of your reality, what you see and what happens, as an individual and as a collective consciousness. follow your bliss
- on the topic of bad aliens – Art’s viewpoint – why he feels there aren't many bad aliens out in our Galaxy: if a civilisation is given / discovers technologies they don’t use properly – they end up not going very far out and exploring the galaxy - they self destruct before they get to that point – the bad aliens never made it very far – because they destroyed themselves – he then implies that most people on earth and people from other worlds that live on earth (he points to the audience as a gesture), are bad aliens, most if not all, have ancestry from other places (ie. not from earth). He then appears to reference the Aborigines as the indigenous people of earth, and highlights they are a minority now (because of bad aliens? ie. you and me)
- most 3 letter agencies within the US Gov are in competition with each other (self preservation), they don't trust each other, protect their funding / budgets. DHS was supposed to be a solution to the multi-agency non co-operation problem, it appears to be a failure.
-Art has never been able to enjoy normal life, like a normal person, because of the type of work he did. He finds it difficult to relate to. What is normal for Art is completely abnormal for a "normal" person.
- Some discussion about bases on mars / artifacts etc.
- Only some countries collaborate on these ultra top secret projects (not all).
- Kerry did a probing Q&A session with Art for the last 30mins
- Kerry was keen to sniff out the annunaki and understand their role in the ultra top secret projects + many other areas during the Q&A
- i got the impression Art is not living in the USA anymore .. but Oz? with Aborigines?

20th April 2013, 05:47
thanks much Aurelius... your summary of Art's presentation was exactly what i was looking for at this time. =)

best regards,