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13th April 2013, 14:51
Want to garden but have no land or space to plant? Check out Sharing Backyards (http://www.sharingbackyards.com/), a site that connects people who would like to garden with land available in their area to do so.

Also, if you have a yard but no time to garden, you can post it as available to aspiring gardeners in your community. Many gardeners give produce to the yard owners in exchange for allowing them to use the space to grow vegetables.

I think this is such a great idea. :thumb:

13th April 2013, 16:38
About to go into my new yard after composting. Since Im putting in a gravel and slate garden walk, I'll use the excess soil to turn over in the compost and if you check in your city, you may have the 'free mulch" they chip the wood in winter and storm damaged trees and give it to citizens that can prove residence. I picked up a half a pick-up truck and have to get more because tree roots are all throughout my yard with bushes. I build garden boxes and opened some branches with a tree pruner/trimmer to give light in areas I wanted just grass to grow. There are many areas of wild purple and white and red flowers, so, I'll set aside a few areas for beauty for my hubby and my peace of mind. I plan to help mother nature breed bees and give them lots of places for nectar. Without them, we would be lost. And most veggies don't need cooking, in the event, there is no fuel, solar charger for hot plate, lighters or wood to cook. Heyyy...it's possible that fear would even make a smoker forget he's a valuable person on the team with a lighter for heat, cooking, and most important, "sterilization of water."

15th April 2013, 15:04

i came across this site a while ago, but this can help as it is along the same lines. i hope nobody minds that i share this link/idea.

7th July 2013, 22:42
Love the idea of linking up with those that have ability... heres a story of a lady doing it at 9000 feet...

very little space... great idea... it takes principles of permaculter and aquaculture together in a greenhouse....


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