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13th April 2013, 23:42

14th April 2013, 01:24
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It would be hugely valuable when you post videos like this that require 'long listening time' (an hour+ here) to start with some outline or summary of why you think this is important for members' time, or to offer some summary of key points here. This otherwise valuable contribution risks being ignored as a 'blind' link. Not good if indeed you hope to have it played.

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14th April 2013, 04:35
well. lets say if its Bob Green in it, I'm going to give it a go...:)

14th April 2013, 13:49

14th April 2013, 14:40
Niara Isley is an importan MILAB abductee/whistle blower. AMMACH is a group put together to help those abductees get their stories out.

On this subject matter, last night I watched the very first disclosure video of Barry Kings testimony(1995) of the accounts of this phenomena, as he was involved in these projects for the (British??) government. But this film includes facts about this subject going on around the world, but many many, in the US and Britain. Shocking that this vid. took place almost 20 years ago, can you imagine what they are doing to us at this point in time????
It is 2 hours long, but this ONE video, has connected more dots (for me) than any other film on this subject............. Barry, bless you. XO