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14th April 2013, 14:55
Dear fellow Avalonians
I'm very happy to have been given a chance to become a member and to have the opportunity to interact and positively affect like minded people such as yourselves.

After my reading with Carol Clarke, my outlook has profoundly changed, even though I have been awake for many years now. She is such a dear, kind and compassionate soul and her inspiration has touched me on the deepest levels.

Now is the time for us to really remember who we are.

Many of us have chosen to come back here and assist in this shift, which is inevitable even if you do believe in timelines, but it will take time and it depends on us as to how difficult or easy it will be to break away from this low density 4th dimensional force that is trying so desperately not to let go. But, it will happen......

Everyone that has chosen to come back like myself, I would suggest, has certain strengths in which they can assist with in this shift. We just need to remember who we are and use these talents to break free and live in the peace, harmony and ego-less paradise that we deeply feel is our essence.

It is time to love unconditionally and spread that pure form of love as much as we can everywhere we can. Just like cleaning dirty dishes.....as you use more soap, the dirt and grime just cannot hold on anymore and will eventually just fall off down and slide down the drain.

It's our time to shine, and as David Icke has said, "Human Race Get Off Your Knees"

Lets go !!


14th April 2013, 14:56
Welcome to you Orion197

14th April 2013, 15:00
Welcome to PA.

14th April 2013, 15:01
Welcome to the Avalon Family!

Frank Hewitt
14th April 2013, 17:13
I am almost new too, its a nice forum, welcome

14th April 2013, 17:34
From one Newbe to a newer Newbe - Backatcha and I echo your setiments!

14th April 2013, 19:47
Welcome to the rabbit hole!!

14th April 2013, 19:49
Welcome It is a great place!

14th April 2013, 19:54
A big welcome to ya.

14th April 2013, 20:11
Thats pretty much it in a nutshell Orion197, welcome


14th April 2013, 20:19
Great to have you here Orion197 :cheer2:

14th April 2013, 21:14
Hello Orion197

Liked what you just said, Love to you.

I posted in another post before reading yours. This is an example of finding the path again.


Our Superior Spirit may underestimate?

I posted this in his post just before reading yours:

20 or 30 years ago people I let into my life curved with gradual rot my intended path. All was far more defined back then even tho I did not know then what I know now. This last year tho I have regained my intended path's route.
Things happen as they should now, I think and and so find signs again. I once again feel thousands of years old but with a young heart.
I feel confident again, I am with inner confidence and knowledge again.
Not so confused or pained any more.
I am at peace with my direction.
I'm back in the flow, go with the flow.

Avalon is a beacon.
Avalon is light.

14th April 2013, 23:56
Well said and welcome to Avalon!

15th April 2013, 00:36
Welcome Orion197. Let's shine !

15th April 2013, 03:34
Great to have you here!!!

15th April 2013, 03:36
:grouphug: Orion197 :welcome:

15th April 2013, 03:58
yes, what you said. this is a good place to be. welcome and stay a spell.

Daughter of Time
15th April 2013, 04:02
Welcome to Avalon, Orion197!

May your time here be fully rewarding.

With love,

Daughter of Time

15th April 2013, 14:52
Thank you all for the very warm welcome.

There is something incredible starting to happen, something uniquely strange yet very exciting on an unimaginable scale.
Something great yet filled with necessary turmoil ahead.
Things are about to change in the most wonderful way, yet not before some bumps along the path.
For those who have gone very, very deep down the rabbit hole, we are starting to feel that ever so slight ripple of hope touching us.
That ripple of energy is gaining momentum and is heading toward us.
We didn't come back knowing that this low vibrational state we are in right now will remain.
The 4th dimensional entities are gasping for air. This is their last try, but the end result for them will be unsuccessful.
We wanted to come back, we yearned to be here at this time.
We wanted to experience this wonderful blossoming of consciousness just around the corner.
Higher consciousness knows, but cannot experience. This is why we are here, to feel it.
The pain is real and intense, but the rewards will be paramount.
Some of us have had a rough time being here in this 3d reality and many such as myself have endured physical pain in this "body", trapped in a sense.
Get ready folks, things are about to change, a change for the better.
As I write, I am letting my heart do the writing.
Do the same, connect with your higher self, be at peace with yourself, love yourself.
Remember who you are.
In the end, we are all one.