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14th April 2013, 15:01
Dear friends.
Who knows underestimate the difficulties in a given situation.
Has the thought of an author, which suggests the following:
Before incarnating, listed the challenges that we would like to overcome as a way of learning.
And right now, because we are connected to the source of all that is, any challenge, no matter how radical they may seem, is simply unsurpassed by love.
We know that when we incarnate, we will be included in an avatar that will have a tenuous link this consciousness of the whole.
But everything seems simple when you have unconditional love.
So let's increasing list of experiences very complex.
So incarnate.
Rescue this awareness is already in itself a challenge.
Then we realize the greatness which we proposed.
Uaooo ..... it seems more like a rollercoaster than a walk in the park .. Or not?
Wander Brazilia

14th April 2013, 15:39
Hi naste.de.lumina i'm not quite sure what your trying to say in your post.
It might be my lack of knowledge or your BR to English translation but,
I say yes life is a roller-coaster for sure, very complex and yes Love can surpass all depending on your spiritual level of commitment. By commitment i mean if your like me, married and in the complex and distracting world of city life or weather your a monk mediating all day. we are where we have chosen to be at any one point in life tho, it's where we wan't to be is the task at hand..
All is achieved so much cleaner and happily if you remember to include LOVE in all you do.
Dose any of that relate to your post naste.de.lumina? Dose any of that make sense or just added to your confusion? lol

14th April 2013, 15:54
Hello Sunny-side-up.
I also do not quite understand your answer.
Is a plot google translater here? Hehehe lol.
Wander Brazilian.

14th April 2013, 16:23
it's true, i remember being confident of myself about this mission and saying to my fellow spirit friends it's impossible to forget "this"
- meaning the inherent connection with Beingness, but then...
and when it was the time to actually perform the jump in to the void of oblivion of the real self, i was frozen in fear
but i had to do it, couldn't go back at that point and here i am...

14th April 2013, 16:42
Thank dim.
I do not know about you, but I have no idea how many thousands of years ago I took the leap to the void of oblivion.
I have an intuition that is already going with some jaunts Gaya around the sun.
I think it's time to go home to understand all this learning. Or maybe not yet?
Wander Brazileiro.

14th April 2013, 20:57
20 or 30 years ago people I let into my life curved with gradual rot my intended path. All was far more defined back then even tho I did not know then what I know now. This last year tho I have regained my intended path's route.
Things happen as they should now, I think and and so find signs again. I once again feel thousands of years old but with a young heart.
I feel confident again, I am with inner confidence and knowledge again.
Not so confused or pained any more.
I am at peace with my direction.
I'm back in the flow, go with the flow.

Avalon is a beacon.
Avalon is light.

15th April 2013, 00:52
I may be misunderstanding the main thought here, but feel compelled to express thoughts about perceived events or conditions? Is it being said that we underestimate our true nature?

My (Deej's) perspective on my true nature is not limited to whatever Deej thinks he is consciously aware of. Deej being the character "I" play that has become increasingly aware of his true nature, which is "I."

"I" is divinity for lack of a better word and "I" cannot ever truly be anything except what it is... Divinity, Tao, Universe, Spirit, God or a host of other names.

If Deej were not aware of "I," it would not effect the condition of "I." Although, being aware has benefit; Deej is supremely grateful and experiences tremendous peace and freedom with the awareness of "I" or his true nature.

However, if Deej were a guru on the side of a mountain or a serial killer, it would not change his true nature. Deej does not have to worry about "expressing his true nature" or "suppressing his true nature." Deej will do whatever Deej will do and his "true nature" will be there to gather and collect all of Deej's experiences.

While Deej may change the daily detail of his experiences, he will not effect the desired outcome. THAT decision comes from waaaay above his paygrade!

Deej has one responsibility... to be true to himself, whatever that may entail.